The Soul Power Formula By Jennifer McLean – Free Download Course

The Soul Power Formula By Jennifer McLean - Free Download Course


The Soul Power Formula By Jennifer McLean – Free Download Course


It’s time to activate Your Soul Power and finally and deeply connect into love, joy, prosperity, health and wholeness!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Jennifer McLean

✅ Official Course Price: $327 ($599)

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 13.59 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


10 Sacred & Potent Transformational Sessions Experiencing the Advanced Version of the Soul Power Formula

This home-study course of 10 recorded sessions delivers a sacred set of proprietary healing journeys, Spontaneous Transformation Sessions, Attunements, sound vibration healings, Soul Laser Treatments, and many other advanced Energy Medicine tools. All here to help you claim a new stance as a quantum soul-connected powerhouse in today’s world of extremes. These transformational tools lead to renewal, standing in confidence in your capacities and gifts, having faith in the possibilities of your soul’s journey, and able to claim your power in any situation. WOW!
Dozens of Specific Energy Medicine Techniques – a Potent Toolbox of Change for Use in ANY Life Circumstance

The intention of this program is to focus on the Soul Power Formula and the many Soul Power Energy Medicine techniques that can be used with The Formula. Designed for the empath/Highly sensitive, these processes ensure you are in your power, in love and in your joy, in ANY situation. You’ll now have the wherewithal to be in good shape no matter what is occurring in your life or in the world. This establishes a cohesive vibration that positively alters circumstance, as it also shifts others approach toward you. And you are about to deftly and consistently manifest prosperity, health and wholeness.


THREE Extended Soul-a-thon

Q&A Session… 3 FULL HOURS of Healing & Transformation
From the 10 recorded sessions, you are invited to 3 extended 3-hour recoded events. You will be able to receive from all the questions asked, You will be able to experience powerful new insights that will come from the remarkable questions… your questions will be answered just by listening. Yep, you’ll experience powerful new insights that come from the remarkable healing answers delivered to others. And it happens EVERY TIME, it’s like magic… your questions will be answered, just by listening. These three, 3-hour Q&A Sessions puts the exclamation mark of transformation on this amazing program. Just one of these sessions could be the whole course it is THAT important!



Each session will address an aspect of activating your Soul Superpower Connection.

Plus there will be genuine healing transformation that will be noticeable in the moment and in the days, weeks and years that follow.

And for each new technique offered you will learn how to do it for yourself!! Yep I will teach the step by steps of each process so you can have your own practice with it.

Modules will include:
Clearing Ancestral & Past Life Blocks: You are about to clear the cellular memories that may have been unknowingly holding you back. Get ready to be crystal clear.
Understanding & Releasing Soul Karma: This is the most life-changing understanding of Karma you’ll receive. This is energy encoded and vibrational based to further clear karma.
Gently Unwinding Childhood Trauma (Even if you Don’t Remember it!): My globally celebrated trauma healing modality of healing; The Spontaneous Transformation Technique is here for you delivering a deep and comprehensive experiential release of those subconscious upsets that set your default coping mechanisms of self sabotage to this day.
​The Powerful 4-Step Soul Power Formula: You will take the remarkable Soul Power Formula to the absolute next level of personal transformation as you apply to many additional techniques to this life changing process. This is guaranteed to shift every aspect of your life
​Activating Your “Heart Soul Manifestation” Energy: You are about to take down the walls around your heart (the heart pain barrier) and live in your perfect authentic soul energy. This automatically activates soul superpower for prosperity.
​Igniting Trust for Soul-Oriented Inspiration (Vs. Mind-Oriented): When you ignite your connection to your soul you can now “hear” the whisper of divinity itself, clearly guiding you to soul driven actions (Vs. the slowed down, low vibe, mind-oriented “to-do’s”). This one alone is worth the whole course.
​Receive (AND LEARN) Dozens of Special Healing Techniques & Processes: You’ll to not only experience profound techniques and processes as part of the Soul Power Formula, but you will learn how to use them yourself and apply whenever you need it long after this program is complete.
​Know the Role of The Soul: Prepare to have a cognitive and conscious understand of the role of your soul, the understanding of which can change everything. Through this, you’ll also activate the superpower of your soul connection, creating a much different life.
​Activating the NEW “Holy Trinity”: By deeply understanding the various roles and interactions between different aspects of you, such as; the mind, heart/consciousness and soul in your life adventure, you will actually no be bringing heaven to earth in your life.
​Healing Relationships From Your Soul Superpower: One of the most potent and transformational healing protocols for relationship is Ho’oponopono. In this course you’ll learn a new version that overlaps with the Spontaneous Transformation Technique as well as other unique soul powered relationship healing techniques.
​Supporting the Physical body: You are about to experience a proprietary technique of healing the physical body that is sacred, profound and powerfully works. These are called; Soul Light Laser Treatments, and they implant your soul frequencies into the physical body.
Somatic Emotional Healing: Healing the emotional wounds out of the body opens up new and potent energies to heal physically any chronic illness or acute disease.
​Turning Your “Over Sensitivity” Into Your Superpower: If you have been regularly called “over sensitive” and this is confusing to you, know that this is actually your superpower, it is your connection to soul power intuition that has you assess and know situations more clearly than others seeing the same thing. Now you’ll use this important sensitivity with confidence.


👌 Recap of what you get:


10 powerful Recorded Sessions: In this home study at-your-own-pace, 10 powerful sessions you will join me and a important group of like minds all set on this one intention; applying the Soul Power Formula and using the soul power techniques and processes to access the power, insights, impulses and inspirations of your soul… creating a whole new life of possibility, prosperity, confidence, health, calm, love and wellbeing.
​Energy Medicine / Layering In the Transformation: With each session and the bonus remote energies, you will leverage energy medicine practices to layer in, accelerate and lock in new habits of thinking and feeling resulting in a whole new life.
​THREE POWERFUL EXTENDED 3-Hour **SOUL-A-THONs**: After your 10 sessions are complete you will want to access these 3 extended and already recorded 3-hour interactive question and answer event. You will be able to experience powerful new insights that will come from the remarkable questions… I promise your questions will be answered just by listening. This puts the exclamation mark of transformation on this amazing program and tunes you up expanding your soul super power each time.
​Receive Spontaneous Transformation Technique Sessions: You will experience the remarkable Spontaneous Transformation Technique to assist you in going to the core of past trauma that is contributing to a sense of stuck and obstacle in your life, as you permanently unwind, heal and release.
​Shamanic Healing Journeys: my renowned healing journeys are celebrated for creating deep and profound shifts and opening new neural pathways of being… get ready to discover a whole new you through these journeys.
​Receive Special “Attunements:” I am famous for these, and how powerfully they work… it’s like magic. These are like a Reiki Attunement initiations, in that it acts like an energetic key activating and awakening your dormant energies of your Soul Power.
​Experience Deeply Healing ​Sound Vibration: I’m know also for my sound vibration healing gifts. As you heal through the many interactions of this course, you will also grow stronger with the new patterns strengthening through sound healing.
**HUGE** ​You’ll Learn Most of the Healing Techniques & Processes: You’re about to receive step by step teaching to actually learn how to do most these experiential processes yourself. You will be able to use these important techniques long after this program is complete… this may be the last course you might EVER need to take!
Mp3 Downloads of all audio session: you receive access to Mp3 audio downloads or each session in your Listening Salon.
​Recorded on Video Too: each session is recorded in a special video session then will be available on your Listening Salon for indefinite watching.
​Downloadable ​Transcripts: to enhance your experience of this course’s downloadable transcripts delivering an enhanced experience of this material using new learning muscles to take in the transformation.
​Indefinite access to all course materials (audio and video): I can’t say LIFETIME, but my course are available for as long as am in ownership of them. In other words they won’t expire.


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