Email University By Kyle Milligan – Free Download Course

Email University By Kyle Milligan – Free Download Course


Email University By Kyle Milligan – Free Download Course


Get the Insider’s Guide To Writing Emails Worth $5,000 Per Month & more!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Kyle Milligan

✅ Official Course Price: $297

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 12.05 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

✅ Sales Page : You can check at the bottom of this page.



Email University By Kyle Milligan – Free Download Course



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


Email University is the only place on the Internet where you can get all of our behind-the-scenes email copywriting masterclasses without a subscription.


Step #1: Get The Basics

The Ultimate Email Copywriting Class

In your first course, you’ll discover everything we do inside our Agency when it comes to writing emails, including…
Our exact email copywriting process at the Copy Squad Agency
​How we crank out a week’s worth of emails in one day
​Formulas designed to get the click and ensure you deliver A+ quality work
​Templates to model (that work) so your clients keep asking you for more
​Plus how to make your OWN templates so you never run out of things to write
We’ll go over…
The most important thing about an email when it lands in their inbox
(Hint: it’s NOT your subject line)…
​The #1 fatal mistake email copywriters make which ensures they NEVER succeed…
​Why the most intriguing email in the world could still lead to ZERO sales
(and how to fix it)…
​The WRONG way to be ultra-specific (and why that hurts SALES)…
​​LIVE breakdowns of REAL emails from Biz Opp, Spirituality, and Finance that you can model for ANY niche…
​And word-for-word scripts to send to potential clients that get you noticed
Finally, you’ll get the answer to your burning questions like…
​”How much should you charge to write emails?”
​”What type of businesses pay the most for email?”
​”Would this work in traditional B2C Ecom?” (Hint: YES)
​”What does a $5K email “package” look like? What are the deliverables?”
​And even more!
The class is hosted by my (now) staff copywriter, Cody Meindl. Not too long ago, Cody was a construction worker making basically minimum wage and struggling to get by…

Then he spent the next year learning everything he could about copywriting and turned his life around!

He started landing $5,000+ gigs (with basically ZERO experience)…

And eventually got to work with one of Agora’s TOP back-end copywriters… As well as other publishers like Angel Publishing… Before finally joining the Copy Squad!

This class – alone – gives you the process he follows so YOU, too, can land $5,000+ clients (with virtually NO experience).


Step #2: See How Easy It Really Is

Million Dollar Email Threads

Then, in your second course, you’ll fine-tune your email copywriting abilities with Alexzan Daswani’s Million Dollar Email Threads.

In this masterclass, you’ll see how we…
​Generate Unlimited Email Ideas for One Offer
Our Secret Formula For Building Intrigue
​Why Sticking to ONE Topic Is So Important (And How To Do It)
​The TRUTH Behind Email Copy
​The only TWO things Copy Chiefs & Clients look for in emails
(Whether they tell you or not)
​How to stretch one idea out for 150 words… And then do it again in a different way
​The ​ONE keyboard “trick” that will save you HUNDREDS of hours in writing time
​LIVE over-the-shoulder walkthroughs of the entire process where you shadow him writing REAL money-making emails from scratch
​And so much more!

This class, more than any other on earth, will show you just how easy writing emails can truly be. After watching, you’ll be able to crank out high-converting emails on demand. And you’ll never question yourself again.


Step #3: Put It All Together

A-List “Angles”

In the last of our beginner-friendly masterclasses, you’ll see Veteran Copywriter, Rodney Gravitter, tie together everything you’ve learned in the previous two classes…

And then make the whole process even simpler with…
​The only plug-and-play “angles” you need to continually crank out money-printing emails (with little to no effort)… even if you’ve never written ANYTHING before!
​The #1 Secret to Getting Rid of the “Blank Page” Forever…
​More ​​LIVE breakdowns of REAL emails crushing it…
​The ​​5 Indispensable Steps Every New Copywriter Must Take in Order To Consistently Crank Out High-Quality, Professional Grade Emails Your Clients Will LOVE…
​And so much more!
Rodney was one of my first hires. The man had never written anything before. He could barely read (thanks to Dyslexia). Now, because of the principles he shares in this class, he’s become one of the most successful copywriters on the planet – grossing over 8-figures in sales.

This class gives you everything you need to follow in his footsteps with email.


Step #4: Piece Together Entire Campaigns

Bullet Email Campaigns

Now that you’ve mastered the individual email, it’s time for you to discover the exact campaign formulas and insights the TOP marketers in the world use to sell millions of dollars in courses, products, and subscriptions.

Presented by the “Godfather of Marketing” himself, Todd Brown, this class will give you the last skill you need to go from writing “one-off” emails for your new clients to landing GIANT retainer deals so you can finally end the feast and famine cycle. You’ll discover…

​How to extract weekly sales from your email database… without ever burning-out your list (<– a major pain point for your clients).
​How to set-up “cash-producing campaigns” one-time… then fire them over and over to bring in more and more sales on autopilot.
​The amazing conversion secret of Internal Lead Generation… and how it massively increases conversion rates for your offer…
​The exact email schedule and frequency to use to enjoy at least 4 cashflow pops every month.
​And so much more!
Getting this training from Todd Brown personally would run you thousands of dollars. He is the expert other experts go to when they need help with their own business. Now, you can take those same insights he teaches and use them on your clients. Welcome to big leagues.


Step #5: DOUBLE Your Sales!

2X Your Sales With Psych-Sequenced Emails

Finally, you get to supercharge your results with deep psychological triggers typically reserved for on-stage performers like magicians and mentalists.

Your instructors, Rob and Kennedy, are the guys other business owners turn to when they need to increase email conversions.

They will show you how to extract 2x the sales from email by tapping into the wide range of triggers that cause more people to buy…

You’ll discover the 5+ buyer types you can target in your campaigns that will more than DOUBLE the sales you bring in for your clients.

After watching this single masterclass, every client you speak to on the phone will light up as you describe to them who they’re not speaking to with their emails, and how all that money they’re currently leaving on the table, you’re going to put into their (and as a result – your) pockets.





FREE BONUS GIFT #1: Coaching Corner Video 1

In the first video, you’ll see one of our email copywriters dissect some of our student’s email submissions, and discover how often new writers craft emails that are…
Being too vague & too broad
(even though they think they’re being specific)
​Failing to make it about the reader
​Having enough info in the email but not teasing anything
​Getting to the “specifics” only at the end
​Being too long and repetitive
​Giving redundant information back to back
Then you’ll see him fix it all in his rewrites.

Make sure to stop, rewind, and study the before and afters in this one.


FREE BONUS GIFT #2: Coaching Corner Video 2

In your second free Coaching Corner video, you’ll dive into more user submissions that reveal…
How to use one word to infuse drama into your copy
​A fill-in-the-blank sentence that always build intrigue
​The #1 way you can easily contradict yourself and lose believability (…so avoid it)
​One great example of “jumping around” and killing interest
Plus much more​
After watching this video, you’ll know how to avoid the common mistakes that plague every new copywriter.


FREE BONUS GIFT #3: Coaching Corner Video 3

Then, in your third free gift, you’ll see…
How to turn a lame question into a powerful statement!
​Examples of both killer and terrible subject lines
​Why starting off with credibility doesn’t work
​And the #1 mistake every n00b copywriter makes in email


FREE BONUS GIFT #4: Coaching Corner Video 4

With your fourth free gift, our email copywriting coach shows you 2 top-notch examples of well written emails so you can see what to model, including…
A brand-new student’s perfect execution of a secret tactic taught in Email University’s Second Masterclass
​A breakdown of Todd Brown’s first $1m playbook email & how to “templatize” it so you can use it for your next client


FREE BONUS GIFT #5: Coaching Corner Video 5

And finally, in your last free Coaching Corner video, you’ll discover…
The time-worn terminology that sinks conversion rates
​How to make your writing more “casual” so readers feel like you’re speaking to them
​The importance of “flow” and how to smooth out your copy
​How easy it is to “pivot” by accident and snuff out the interest you’ve built up
​And much, much more!


FREE BONUS GIFT #6: Rodney’s Little White Book (of Copy Hacks)

This little white book of copy hacks will help you skyrocket your copy game even faster.

Previously held under lock and key, it is filled with frameworks, templates, and money-making examples used by one of the most successful copywriters in the game.

This document contains more than 72 pages of email copywriting shortcuts…

Including over 45 pages of high-converting emails you can swipe, all organized by “Angle.”

With this special report in your hands…

You won’t believe how fast you can crank out top performers.

And it’s all yours, for free, when you join Email University today.


FREE BONUS GIFT #7: Copy Kit Email Cheat Sheet

These are exact templates we give to our new writers to avoid the common mistakes newbies make… You’ll see how to structure your emails, and know what to do on every line with this 9 page document.


FREE BONUS GIFT #8: Pro Email Training with John Rhodes

Finally, you’re about to receive the exclusive training taught by none other than John Rhodes himself, the man who has forgotten more about email copywriting than most of us will ever know.

This in-depth training reveals…

The 3 ways to make money with email
​How to sell a “buying frenzy”
​His secret email set-ups
How to pocket hundreds of dollars per hour writing emails
​The 4 email swipe formulas
​And much, much more!


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You can find more details about the course according to the sales page.


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