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Welcome to the Great X Courses FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.


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✅ What is Great X Courses ?

Great X Courses (or GreatXCourses) is a community where we provide our VIP users with high quality courses and softwares, that usually have an expensive cost and not affordable to everyone.



✅ How do we get those courses or softwares?

As you can imagine, we can’t provide everything we have here for free, otherwise we would be broke for a long time.

Thanks to the VIP memberships funds (see how do we use the funds in the next question), we purchase by ourselves the courses from the official sales page, which allows us to have an access to all the future updates.

We then download it, pack it, and upload it so our VIP members can access all the courses. Regarding the softwares, we have one experienced cracker in our team, who cracks the softwares and updates it as much as possible. Since cracking requires more work and resources, we share more courses than softwares (it takes more time).



✅ What is your business model?

In order to run such business on a long-term basis, we need to be profitable, so everyone (the team and the users) finds its interest.

Here is how we use the VIP memberships’ funds: 80% goes directly to purchase the courses, 5% goes to website & servers management/costs, and 15% to pay the Team (yes, it’s not a surprise if money motivates us to do our work 😎).



✅ Do you sell the courses or tools separately (as a single purchase)?

No, as listed above, our business model needs to be profitable, otherwise on the long term it’s not sustainable for us. Purchasing high-ticket courses ($2000+ value) with our own funds is not compatible with selling them separately, hence the business model of VIP memberships.



✅ Do you watermark the videos in the courses that you share?

No, we do not add a watermark to the course videos, we believe that it always affects the videos’ quality and most importantly, it hides a part of the video, which can be very annoying if it’s important information.



✅ On how many PCs can I use your softwares? Do they need a loader to run?

You are entitled to use our softwares on a maximum of 3 computers (PC, VPS etc..). We do use a loader in order to protect our softwares, otherwise it would be too easy to leak and resell it elsewhere.

We provide an installation guide for every software. Regarding the tutorials, most of them have it available for free on YouTube.



✅ How can I request a course that is not already available for download here?

If you are already VIP member, head to the VIP member area, click on the “Request” section, and you can post there the course that you’re looking for (indicating the name, course’s author, sales page and price if known).

If you are not a VIP member, you can send us an email at [email protected] so we can have a look at it.



✅ Are all your courses complete or not?

All the courses we share are complete, unless indicated else.

There is only one case when it’s incomplete : when we purchase a course, it happens that the course’s author still hasn’t released some modules/videos of the course (sometimes they have a schedule for that, or sometimes they haven’t even recorded it yet). However, as we are the main buyers, we do have access to the original member area, so as soon as it is available, we download it and add it to our download links.



✅ Is there another way of contact besides email?

Yes, all our VIP members have access to our Discord server and Telegram group.

Non-VIP members can contact us easily by email, we always do our best to answer as fast as possible.



✅ Do you provide support in general?

Yes, support is provided free of charge. If you encounter an issue using a software, we also provide free support either via Skype or Teamviewer if it requires specific assistance.



✅ What kind of plateform do you use for downloading the courses?

For legal reasons, we do not host any copyrighted content (which includes courses or softwares) on our own servers.

Therefore, we upload all the content either on Google Drive or Mega (Mega.nz), for an easy and free download. We do not use torrents or paid download links.



✅ Can I request a course even if it’s not in English?

Yes! Our members don’t all come from English-speaking countries. As a matter of fact, we receive several requests for courses in French, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch and even Chinese. And we do share those courses if we manage to buy it. You can use the search function of our website and notice that we already have several courses in French, Spanish and other languages available for download.



✅ Do you have an affiliate program?

No, however if you think that you can bring to us new VIP members, get in touch with us, and we will let you know your own “coupon code”. Everytime a new user joins mentionning your coupon code, you get a 30% commission.





You can find more reviews and video testimonials of our VIP users here, at the bottom of the page.



Can’t find the answer to your questions? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to clear your doubts 🙂