The Art Of Manifesting By Regan Hillyer – Free Download Course Mindvalley

The Art Of Manifesting By Regan Hillyer - Free Download Course Mindvalley


The Art Of Manifesting By Regan Hillyer – Free Download Course Mindvalley


It’s Time To Unlock The Secret To Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Regan Hillyer

✅ Official Course Price: $399

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 16.29 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


The Art of Manifesting is a 27-day program that awakens your fullest ability to envision your desires, realize them at lightning speed, and embrace your role as the architect of your dreams and your life.

On each day, you’ll join Regan Hillyer for a 15 – 20 minute video lesson guiding you through her signature manifestation exercises, mindset tools, and Soul Work that transform you step-by-step into a master of conscious creation.

As you move through the program, you’ll explore the truth about what manifesting really is (and what it isn’t). You’ll experience profound identity shifts that turn fast and easy goal achievement into your second nature.


And most importantly, in just 27 days you’ll step into a new way of living and creating: where your every desire flows to you and for you, and even your wildest dreams become inevitable.


You’ll grow in these areas:


Manifesting dreams
Increasing productivity
Career growth
Better clarity
Financial abundance
Inner-child healing


Part 1

The fundamentals of manifesting (Day 1 – 3)

Your path to manifestation mastery starts with a strong foundation. You’ll decipher the myths and truths surrounding manifesting, how to regain control of your inner reality, and how you can start building an energetic and emotional disposition that supports a lifetime of accelerated manifesting.

Highlights include:

The no. 1 way everyone sabotages their manifestations: discover the single most common misconception that exists even in experienced manifestors – and how to finally overcome it.
The Ultimate Success Formula: use this simple formula to start taking control of your inner reality, and awakening your fullest ability to create and call in what you want.
The power of sweet surrender: root out the source of struggle and anxiety from your life – and embrace a new way of being where your dreams happen through surrender instead of friction.
And much more.


Part 2

Powerful visioning (Day 4 – 6)

Powerful visions are the anchor of your manifestations. In Part 2, you’ll focus on mastering the mind, skill, and soul set you need to create vivid and inspiring visions that represent your most authentic desires, big and small – and that accelerate their manifestation into reality.

Highlights include:

Reclaiming your lost childhood gift: give yourself permission to dream again, and unleash your ability to envision at a level where nothing is too hard and everything is possible.
The total life analysis: get raw, get real, and take an honest look at your life in the present – so you can envision a future that’s better in every way.
Locking in your big picture vision: your big picture vision represents your ultimate goals and your most ideal life – and you’ll lock in yours as the first step to making it happen.
And much more.


Part 3

Expanding your capacity to receive (Day 7 – 10)

If you want something *big*, you’re going to need a big box to put it in: and that’s exactly what you’ll get in Part 3. By expanding your energetic container and making a conscious decision to transcend your perceived limits, you’ll open yourself to exciting new manifestations that once seemed “too much” or “not for you”.

Highlights include:

Measuring your energetic container: through a series of energetic self-reflections, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your personal energetic field, your current capacity to receive, and how it may be holding you back.
Expanding beyond your limits: soar far above the illusion of limits, as you expand your energetic container and create space for what was previously out of reach.
Rewiring your belief system for expansion: experience a profound internal software update that takes you from playing small and safe, to embodying limitless possibility and expansion as your default state.
And much more.


Part 4

Overcome resistance (Day 11 – 16)

With your capacity expanded, next it’s time to make sure all that manifestation potential is put to good use: and that happens by ‘detoxing’ your energetic and emotional blueprint of all the accumulated blocks, subconscious patterns, and resistance that’s been quietly holding you back all this time.

Highlights include:

Dancing with your limits: in this three-part process, you’ll first pinpoint with your limits – then dance with them in a state of self-love and acceptance – and finally move beyond them through manifestation alchemy.
Goodbye forever, self-sabotage: discover why self-sabotage most often kicks in just before a big breakthrough, and how to swiftly catch it and vanquish it every time before it takes hold.
How to flush out resistance from your body: use this process to scan yourself from head to toe, and erase the resistance in different body parts that’s holding you back from energetically matching your desires.
And much more.


Part 5

Step into the next version of you (Day 17 – 21)

At this point in the program, your layers of breakthroughs will have created the perfect conditions for a new version of you: a you who embodies the energetic and emotional blueprint, the elevated models of reality, and the peak identity you need to live your dream life. This is the time to transition and transcend.

Highlights include:

Reshaping your reality: using Regan’s Energetic Architecture Method, you’ll take a deep dive into your personal energetic field – and recode it with a new version of reality that matches the one you desire.
Meeting and becoming your Highest Self: your Highest Self is the purest embodiment of everything you want, and everything you can and should become – and through an exhilarating inward journey, you’ll meet and become this version of you.
Quantum inner child healing: your transformation is rounded off with an eye-opening encounter with your inner child, whom you’ll nurture and heal from past traumas that may be impacting your manifestations.
And much more.


Part 6

Accelerating physical results (Day 22 – 23)

A new, limitless you, with limitless creation power and limitless capacity to receive – what more could you want? How about a dramatic speed upgrade, so you can start manifesting even the biggest dreams in a fraction of the time you’d previously need to manifest the small ones?

Highlights include:

Dismantling the illusion of time: release your old perceptions and timelines, and come to the energetic and emotional realization that what you want can happen far faster than you think – when you allow it.
Bending time to your will: by shifting your relationship with time, you’ll gain the ability to consistently manifest your desires at record-breaking speed – and even experience massive breakthroughs in your personal productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
And much more.


Part 7

Locking in your future (Day 24 – 27)

With your inner transformations complete, the final step is to channel all your growth towards a joyful and sustainable new way of being that rewards you with growth, gifts, and opportunities in both the present and the near and distant future. From here on out, your life is transformed forever.

Highlights include:

Turning gratitude into a superpower: you know expressing gratitude is powerful, but when you do it in this way – you experience every moment in a peak energetic and emotional state only the ‘luckiest’ few ever master.
Easy but life-changing daily manifestation rituals: a few minutes a day is all you need to create a personal list of daily manifestation rituals that add limitless momentum, creation power, and brightness to your days.
Celebrating your manifestation mastery: drop into the celebration frequency, and experience one final integration exercise that locks in your transformation for life.
And much more.


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