Smexy Money By Jenny Baker – Free Download Course

Smexy Money By Jenny Baker - Free Download Course - Jenny Markets + The 6-Figure Sales Page Masterclass OTO


Smexy Money By Jenny Baker – Free Download Course – Jenny Markets + The 6-Figure Sales Page Masterclass OTO


Just to remind you that this is literally the most all-encompassing copywriting program i’ve ever released, sharing the behind-the-scenes copy assets that together produced hundreds of thousands in cash sales on automation!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Jenny Baker

✅ Official Course Price: $3500 +$97 (Upsell)

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 9.16 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

✅ Sales Page : You can check at the bottom of this page.



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


You share your before and after story in a way that actually LOSES you credibility and sales without realizing it (it either speaks to the wrong target audience or it makes you look like you’re not an expert at all because you went “super vulnerable” – there’s a fine line, boo!).

You write copy and messaging that would only resonate with someone WICKED broke, someone so badly in debt they can’t invest more (or shouldn’t be), someone who is resentful about past investments (helloooo future stubborn, nightmare client), or speaks directly to a fearful-to-invest person going to expect you to bend over backwards to make them happy.

You write vague, unclear, “fluffy” or “woo woo” content that ONLY speaks to your competitors who do EXACTLY what you do already (#whoopsies) OR only to the warmest leads in your audience/past clients (which means cold leads, new leads, and strangers don’t understand why TF they should care or buy).

You use specific words in your copy that could land you in deep doggy doo doo with lawyers and open up a lawsuit if you ever had a disgruntled client (this I see EVERYWHERE – and I’m no lawyer but even *I* find these problems in copy EVERY WEEK).

Or the kicker – speaking to the audience member who doesn’t see YOU as their next logical purchase because you wrote copy that makes them think they need to go off and do it themselves first, get on a call with them, or “talk it out” — empowered clients don’t buy like that and it’s a turn off to the ones who HAVE the money to spend on you to be forced to purchase that way.

Module 1
the psychology of sales copy
You’ll learn the writing method I teach that my clients say nobody has ever taught them. You’ll adapt it into crystal clear copy for your own programs, skill sets, and messaging.

You’ll understand how to “sell yourself” to your audience with fresh, specific copy that drives leads into your inbox with a single sentence. THIS is how you’ll stand out beyond saying you’re a “7-figure mentor” or a “Business Coach” in your profile bio.

You’ll understand the logic behind converting offers, with the statistical reasons people buy high-ticket and how to mesh that into your current programs to create massively tangible outcomes, even if you’re not a business coach.

You’ll learn my hacks for adding in personality and pop culture into your business copy so that you become uber relatable and it CLEARLY shows you don’t use AI in your content (AKA – how you show TRUE authenticity, humor, and likeability without getting on video).

Module 2
high-ticket sales page “buy-off-the-page” conversion strategies
A breakdown of the exact format, order, and flow of my sales pages that sell 6K, 8K, and 5-figure+ packages almost always paid in full.

A breakdown of my favorite ways to START a sales page introduction that immediately command attention and have your audience jumping down to the buy now button to purchase, not needing to read anything else.

How to share your before & after story on your sales page in a way that POSITIONS you as an expert, attracts the right TYPE of buyer, and creates relatability leading to the sale.

Examples of mistakes I consistently find on my clients’ sales pages, whether they’re a newbie, a 6-figure earner, or a 7-figure mentor that are losing them sales…but they don’t realize it’s there.

A breakdown of how to word your program modules, teachings, bonuses, and inclusions on your sales page to make ANY price FEEL no-brainer to the reader.

How to create PURE clarity and transparency that gives a potential buyer EVERYTHING they need to make an empowered purchasing decision (THIS is what attracts more wake up in the morning to super high-ticket sales in your inbox from a TOTAL stranger type of energy).

Module 3
creating content that both sells & nurtures simultaneously
While the coaches may have taught you content to go viral, or get engagement, or “become visible” – I’m teaching you content that gets you paid even if ZERO people “heart” your post.

Learn how to craft “wait-what-the-fck-did-I-just-see” titles and hooks to every post you make that makes people scroll back up their feed to stop and read.

Learn the art of creating algorithm-hacking posts and attention-span mindful content that improves your reach and visibility without relying on “ladder style” or “comment below” posts.

Learn the strategy behind pitches that sell inside your content that both NURTURE your audience AS they read and sell at the end so you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Learn the style and topics of sales content that makes BANKKKK and how to incorporate it into your launch strategy to prime your audience to buy.

Understand the type of content empowered buyers read, how wealthy people purchase, and how to create the type of content that psychologically speaks to the buyer who has the money to pay you today.

Module 4
emails + funnel copy that can add an additional 100K per year to your bottom line
The strategy behind getting your emails out of spam and getting your email marketing system’s algorithm on your side (HINT: This is how to avoid getting your email domain blacklisted).

The SINGLE email that drove hoards of subscribers into my inbox on automation.

The gamification email strategy that primed my cold audience to buy from day 1 (THE genius strategy I implemented in 2023 that nurtured my audience FOR me without social media).

How to average 40-50%+ open rates with an email list of thousands (when the standard is 30%).

Hacks to increase click rates to your sales page and the exact email CTAs I use (and why they work).

How to determine what part of your email marketing funnel isn’t performing, based on the data, so you can immediately fix it before you waste more money or lose potential sales.

Module 5
free event / freebie landing page copy hacks that drive TARGETED leads (who actually want to buy)
How to name free trainings and freebie offers in a way that STANDS out from the competition (HINT: YOUR freebie should be the top downloaded offer during a summit, bundle, or PR event with dozens of other participants — let’s make it THAT good).

What to put on your sign-up page to attract the RIGHT leads that are already primed to purchase from you down the road.

How to write simple sentences that capture someone’s attention and improve your sign-up rate.

Module 6
Facebook ad copy for lower-cost leads & high-quality buyer attraction
The format of my ads & the hooks used to create more followers, attract 5-figure spenders, and lower my ad cost (you’ll build an ad right alongside me!)

Screenshares of my EXACT ad campaigns that got the best costs.

 My never-before-taught ad strategy that brought in 15 cent clicks and sold my offers on automation.




I’ve now taught you sales copy, but now you’ll learn MY WAY of doing “value content” in this bonus module.


This is a curated training, spliced from a program that’s no longer publicly available, that takes you through my EXACT screenshares of actual pieces of content I have posted on social media to drive engagement, sales, and followers. You’ll learn 7 types of content categories to post to create authority online, with my explanation of why I wrote each piece and why I suggest you re-create your own version of each posting category.



The 6-Figure Sales Page Masterclass OTO


INCLUDED – The 6-Figure Sales Page Masterclass


The add-on, screen-shared video training to accompany this program for the CEO who wants to book out their highest ticket offers with sales page copy that attracts the highest payers. Join this step-by-step 60-minute training with a breakdown of the exact sales page copy that has brought in 6K, 8K, and 10K PIF sales repeatedly and led to over 6-figures in cash received.



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For more info about this course, check out the sales page.


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