Practitioner Of Coaching By Igor Ledochowski – Free Download Course

Practitioner Of Coaching By Igor Ledochow - Free Download Course


Practitioner Of Coaching By Igor Ledochowski – Free Download Certification Course – Practitioner Of Life – Hypnosis Training Academy


Access The Ultimate 4-STEP Coaching Blueprint You Can Use to Expand Your Hypnosis Skills & Kickstart A New Income Stream!


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✅ Course Author: Igor Ledochowski

✅ Official Course Price: $5997

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

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✅ Course Size : 19.59 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


There are 9 in-depth main training modules included in the Practitioner of Coaching Training program – including:

Main Training: Module #1
Apathetic Listening v Empathic Listening, How Empathic Listening Is The Coaching X-Factor & The 4 Basic Elements Of Empathic Listening + 6 Student Demos

Elevate your conversations from bland and boring to powerful and FULL of meaning (anyone could do this… yet almost no one does!)

The one skill you need that guarantees you’ll *click* with just about anyone (I’ll show the step-by-step process for gaining this vital skill!)

How to transform yourself into an elite-level coach – it’s easier than you think!

Why having fun is the KEY to better coaching conversations (you’ll find out how to relax into your coaching sessions)

The essence of what coaching is TRULY about – do this and you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of other coaches!

Discover the fascinating difference between apathetic listening and empathetic listening

What happens when you disengage from a conversation (hint: others can feel this on a subconscious level)

Find out why your conversations FIZZLE OUT… and how to prevent this from happening!

The 4 MUST-KNOW elements of empathetic listening

How to know when your conversations are activating the right response in your coaching client (you’ll start to develop a “sixth sense” for this)

The key to making sure your client feels heard in your conversations so they know beyond a doubt that you care

The simple way to instantly turn a boring and awkward conversation into an unforgettable one instead

The “Engagement Principle” of coaching (without this, your sessions will come to a screeching halt within minutes!!)

How to manage your tone to deeply engage with your client and make them feel uplifted and energized right from the start

Simple exercises to build up your empathetic listening skills – this will turn into your coaching superpower!

How to bring someone into an elevated state of mind… just by the way you interact with them!

Coaching Demonstrations: How to kick off your coaching sessions so your conversations flow smoothly and create positive emotions

Main Training: Module #2
The “Empty Listening” Game Revealed, The Best Coaching State Of Mind, & Demos: (1) “Applied Empty Listening”, (2) “An Empty Mind” + 3 Student Demos

How to create the RIGHT context for your coaching sessions (without this, your entire session will feel out of tune)

Why overthinking prevents you from experiencing truly groundbreaking conversations

Use the “Empathy Listening Game” to force yourself into the present moment… you’ll see how it makes your conversations naturally better!

How to stay present instead of searching for what to say next – you’ll be a much better coach AND take the pressure off yourself!

How to make incredible conversation skills emerge with ZERO effort!

Discover the “Master Secret” to great conversations (this will become second nature to you!)

How you might be blocking yourself from having better conversations without even realizing it

How to avoid mentally “exiting” the conversation (your client can ALWAYS tell when this happens!)

Infuse these TWO powerful emotions into your coaching sessions to keep your clients coming back for more

How to make the right questions naturally “bubble up” in your mind during your coaching session (or even during everyday conversations!)

How to go INSIDE a conversation so you start to experience it like a story unfolding before you

Coaching Demonstration: Applied Empty Listening (PLUS full exercise debrief)

How to make someone feel like the most fascinating person in the world (do this, and you’ll magnify your own charisma and personal magnetism!)

The THREE reasons someone will resist answering your questions

How to use the Socratic principle of “aporia” to move someone beyond their habitual thinking patterns

Coaching Demonstration: How to get your client into the OPTIMAL state of mind for coaching

4 natural empathetic listening skills (these will intuitively emerge once you empty your mind!)

How to convey YOUR confidence in your client’s ability to achieve their goals (this is how you make others feel unstoppable!)

Main Training: Module #3
How To Maneuver Through Any Conversation Using The Pivoting Principles, How To Activate The Galatea Effect, Demos: (3) “Pivoting On Encouragement”, (4) “Pivoting On Eagerness”, & (5) “Pivoting On Echo Clarification” + 4 Student Demos

Coaching Demonstration: How to skillfully maneuver within a conversation using “encouragement pivots”

Start to expertly navigate your conversations… you’ll feel the impact of this immediately!

Coaching Demonstration: How to keep a conversation flowing using “eagerness pivots”

Experience what it’s like to have your conversations take on a NEW depth and meaning… straightaway!

How to “surf” from idea to idea and explore different topics without crossing your client’s boundaries

How to use the  “Galatea Effect” to help your client develop unshakeable self-belief

How to use the Law of Attention to bring positive energy into the right areas of your conversation

Coaching Demonstration: How to maneuver your conversations by using the echo effect

What you MUST know about the tonality of your voice if you want to transmit the right energy and emotions (this is a highly underrated skill!)

How to “echo” your client during a conversation so they feel encouraged to open up to you… they won’t want the session to end!

How to keep your conversation flowing naturally and smoothly… even if you don’t know what to say!

Find out how your body language, speech and mannerisms affect the way others respond to you!

Do this, and you’ll never have a boring or lackluster conversation again (if you don’t want to!)

How to use simple pivoting questions to make any interaction feel MUCH more fascinating and meaningful

4 BONUS student demonstrations where you’ll watch coaching students put these questions into action… just wait until you see what happens!

Main Training: Module #4
How To Build Deep Rapport While Coaching Simultaneously, Demos: (6) “Accepting Client Opinions”, (7) “Validating Emotions”, & (8) “Inference Of Values” + 4 Student Demos

Coaching demonstration: How to accept your client opinions to build stronger rapport

How to establish mutual respect… Even when you disagree with someone!

The fascinating link between DEEP rapport… and DEEP listening (hint: you can’t have one without the other!)

How to make people seek you out to keep having mind-blowing conversations… they won’t be able to get enough!!

The key to creating balance between building rapport getting into the core of your coaching session

TWO types of rapport questions… AND… how to use them strategically throughout your session to establish and maintain rapport

Easily make your client feel heard and understood by asking THIS kind of question!

How to rescue rapport when it goes off track

Coaching Demonstrations: How to uncover and validate your client’s emotions to create rock-solid rapport

Why emotions are the most important part of any conversation – you’ll start to handle them like a total pro!

How to use the psychological principle of labeling during your sessions so your client feels like you truly GET them

Demonstration: How to get on the same wavelength with anyone using the “inference of values” technique

EXACT questions to uncover your client’s true values (this information is priceless!)

Start to have impactful, meaningful and deeply pleasant conversations whenever you choose!

4 Bonus Student Demonstrations – see how the techniques and strategies work in real-life scenarios!

Get Instant Access To The Full Program Now

Main Training: Module #5
How To Elicit Client’s Inner Resources, Switching From The Pygmalion Effect To The More Powerful Galatea Effect, Demos: (9) “How To 4-D Print An Experience”, (10) “The Galatea Effect”, & (11) “From Pygmalion To Galatea Effect” + 3 Student Demos

How to “print” experiences for your client…This technique will blow you away!

Coaching Demonstration: How to “print” an experience in 4-D

The foundational elements of making your conversations uplifting, engaging, intriguing… and… deeply satisfying!

The key to “crafting” an experience in the present moment

How to remove emotion from a MEMORY… and use it to empower your client in the present moment!

Practice printing your own “4D” experiences… this is powerful stuff!!

Spark “aha” moments in your client using these exact questions (THIS is where true transformation happens!)

Two simple ways to know precisely what questions to ask your client so you never feel “stuck” or at a loss for words

How to get your mind to supply just the right thing to say or do at just the right time! (THIS is the essence of true confidence!)

Listen to in-depth Q&A where you’ll find helpful answers to your doubts and questions

How to use Hebb’s Law to take on the identity as someone who easily builds strong bonds and lasting connections

The TWO must-know ingredients to using questions to trigger positive outcomes in your sessions

Coaching Demonstration: From Pygmalion to the Galatea Effect to create a deep and meaningful interaction

BONUS Student Demonstrations: Watch these techniques in action and see how they take your conversations to a whole NEW level!

Main Training: Module #6
How To Unlock The State Of Competence & Counter Logical Fallacies, The Key To Successful Coaching Is Persistence, Demos: (12) “Coaching Model – True Goal” (13) “Coaching Model – Simple Goal”, (14) “Coaching Tool – Persistence”, & (15) “Goal Recovery – Clearing Coaching Hurdles” + 4 Student Demos

How to unlock a state of competence in your client… they’ll feel ready to take on ANY challenge!

Your 4 KEY goals to aim for as a coach

The “Golden Principle” of coaching you’ll want to keep in the back of your mind at ALL times!

How to get your client TRULY believing they have what it takes to succeed

How to create a “filter switch” in your client… so they start to see opportunities instead of challenges!

Why some people are masters at creating unnecessary problems (and how YOU can fix this)

Demonstration: Coaching Model – Build your client’s competence using “The Simple Goal”

How to ask your client goal-orienting questions to prime their mind to uncover valuable resources

The little-known difference between mundane goals… and TRUE goals

Demonstration: Coaching Model – Finding your client’s true goal (it might be hiding behind “shiny” goals!)

How to “sort through” your client’s goal (hint: what looks like one goal might end up being multiple goals!)

How to quickly and easily spot mundane goals… what someone wants is hiding BEHIND this goal!

The “happiness” trap 99% of people fall into over and over again

How to help your client realize they’re chasing the wrong goal and reorient them in the right direction

Q&A Demonstration: Coaching Tools – Using Persistence to unleash inner greatness

Coaching Demonstration: Goal Recovery – How to clear out coaching hurdles

Main Training: Module #7
The High Impact GRIT Coaching Model, How To Wire The Neural Pathways To Success , & Demo (16) “Setting Up Context To Elicit The True Goal” + 2 Student Demos

Get the blueprint behind the highly effective GRIT Coaching Model (this makes it fun and easy to use!)

Coaching Demonstration: How to set up the right context to successfully elicit your client’s true goal

How to adjust your perception of your client (seeing them from a place of admiration and respect is essential to great coaching!)

Review the 3 CORE goals of coaching so you can keep these at the forefront of your mind!

How to guide your client into a state of inner competence and deep inner trust

Do THIS to start rewiring your client’s brain for success… from the very FIRST session!

How to use details to unwrap your client’s true goal… layer by layer

Avoid doing THIS at all costs…  or you’ll break rapport (and make it harder to win back)

How to develop a RAZOR SHARP instinct about your clients… You’ll start to gain a “sixth sense” about people!

Gain the foundation of your Coaching Model (this will be the framework you come back to in each and every session!)

How to make your client feel a surge of new discoveries and opportunities available RIGHT in front of them for the taking!

BONUS Student Demonstrations: Building rapport and using the GRIT coaching model

Main Training: Module #8
How To Use The “Ideal Day” In A Coaching Session & Demos: (17) “How To Awaken The Inner Winner”, (18) “Delineating The Steps In Mental Rehearsal Technique”, (19) “Coaching Model – Ideal Day” + 2 Student Demos

Coaching Demonstration: How to awaken your client’s inner champion

Why you MUST find a way to genuinely like and admire your client if you want to truly help them succeed

Step-by-step review of the GRIT Coaching model

How much time you’ll want to spend on each stage of your session (timing is crucial!)

How to ask “inner winner” questions that can FLIP your client’s mindset into a positive place

How to use the “ideal day” exercise in a coaching session (try this for yourself to see how effective it is!)

Use this simple framework to turn a mundane activity… into a life-changing experience in minutes!

How to help your client “4D print” their best self (they’ll start to FEEL like they can do anything!)

Coaching Demonstration: Outlining each step in the Mental Rehearsal Technique

How to use frames to turn your clients’ energy levels UP or DOWN

Demonstration: Coaching Model – “4D Printing” your client’s ideal day

How to prime and prep your client to take on the energy, emotions and mindset of a WINNER

BONUS Student Demonstrations: See what happens when the powerful ideal day exercise is applied within the context of a coaching session

Main Training: Module #9
The Full GRIT Coaching Model, Demos: (20) “The GRIT Model Outline”, (21) “The GRIT Model With Content”, Bonus Demo: “Experiencing The GRIT Coaching Model In Action” + 2 Student Demos

Discover the complete GRIT Coaching Model… all the puzzle pieces will fall into place!

How to start your session to ensure MAXIMUM results for your client

The 4 GRIT Coaching Goals and how to apply each one at the right time

How to get your client to mentally rehearse being the kind of person they WANT to be!

Collapse the separation between your client… and their GOALS (This will start turning their vision into reality!)

Guide your client’s mind into a place where it automatically attaches resources to their goal

How to make your client naturally feel more resourceful (this is the BEST mindset they can walk away with!)

Make taking action EASY for your client! (They’ll feel COMPELLED to move towards their goals after a session with you!)

Coaching Demonstration: Applying an outline of the GRIT Coaching Formula

Start using the most simple, easy, clear coaching process… by now you’ll have the foundation for ANY form of coaching!

In the span of one single session… make your client feel empowered & energized…  like they can go out and be the person they’ve always wanted to be!

Get the EXACT language patterns you can use to trigger mind-expanding insights!

Demonstration: Applying the GRIT Coaching Model to real-life coaching situations

Deep dive into the Galatea and Pygmalion effects (get this right, and success is virtually guaranteed!)

And much, much more!

Get Instant Access To The Full Program Now

Along with the 9 main training modules we’ve just covered — you also get TWO exclusive BONUS modules where you’ll sit in on demonstrations of coaching students as they put the specific techniques into action so you can witness the results for yourself!

This really is “learning by doing” at its best, and you’ll start to get a “sixth sense” for how to seamlessly bring these methods into your coaching.

Here’s what each special bonus module covers:

BONUS: Module #10
Bonus Student Demos 3 & 4: GRIT Coaching Model In Action

You’ll get to see the entire GRIT Coaching model from start to finish in TWO powerful demonstrations!

Watch as the student coach demonstrates how to extract your client’s goals, build rapport, explore the ideal day and leave the client with life-changing insights!

BONUS: Module #11
Bonus Student Demos 5 & 6: GRIT Coaching – Freestyle

Watch two more BONUS Student Demonstrations on the GRIT Coaching Model applied step-by-step

See how to customize the coaching model to fit each unique session… you’ll start to get comfortable using a “freestyle” coaching approach!

Discover how you can adapt the techniques to suit your individual coaching style — you’ll really start to make the GRIT model your own!


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