How To Run Facebook Ads 2.0 By Nick Shackelford – Foundr – Free Download Course

How To Run Facebook Ads 2.0 By Nick Shackelford - Foundr – Free Download Course Update + Upsell - The Ecommerce and AI Starter Kit 2-For-1 Bundle


How To Run Facebook Ads 2.0 By Nick Shackelford – Foundr – Free Download Course Update + Upsell – The Ecommerce and AI Starter Kit 2-For-1 Bundle V2


You Will Now Discover How to Create Facebook Ads That Sell Like Crazy for $1!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Nick Shackelford – Foundr

✅ Official Course Price: $997 + $27 (Upsell)

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 18.36 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


How To Run Facebook Ads 2.0 Update (Nick)
In this module you’ll discover the “must know” Facebook ad foundations. If you’ve never ran ads before and wondered “where do I start”…this is it. You’ll learn everything you need to do to give your ads the absolute best chance of winning from day one.

Lesson 01: Introduction to Facebook Ads 2.0 Understand the critical role of Facebook ads in driving business growth. Learn how Nick’s expertise can transform your ad campaigns from day one.
Lesson 02: The 15 BS Facebook Myths That Are Costing You Money Uncover the most common myths about Facebook ads that are wasting your ad spend and hindering your success.
Lesson 03: The 25 Essential Key Terms You Need to Know Get familiar with the essential terminology and concepts that are crucial for mastering Facebook ads and optimizing your campaigns.
Lesson 4: Setting Your Margin To Get Started Learn how to set and manage your margins effectively to ensure profitability from your Facebook ad campaigns.
Lesson 05: How to Set & Hit Targets (ROAS) Discover how to set realistic Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) targets and achieve them consistently to maximize your ad investment.
Lesson 6: Facebook Ads 2.0 Account Set-up Part 1 A step-by-step guide to setting up your Facebook Ads account correctly to avoid common pitfalls and start on the right foot.
Lesson 7: Facebook Ads 2.0 Account Set-up Part 2 Dive deeper into advanced account settings and configurations to enhance your campaign performance.
Lesson 08: Creating an Easy-to-Use Dashboard Learn how to create a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage your ad performance efficiently.
Lesson 09: Breaking Down The Facebook Funnel Understand the components of a successful Facebook funnel and how to optimize each stage for maximum conversions.



Top Of Funnel Prospecting – Finding Your
Target Market Everytime
This module you’ll take a deep dive into the art of finding your target market…even if they’re hard to find or “not on Facebook”. Since 60% of your ad budget is typically spent here at the top of the funnel, you’ll master not only driving traffic, but driving the right kind of traffic!

Lesson 1: Prospecting Overview Gain a comprehensive overview of prospecting and why it is crucial for your Facebook ad success. Understand the strategies and techniques that will help you reach the right audience effectively.
Lesson 2: How To Easily Plan Your Media (Template Included) Learn how to plan your media effectively using easy-to-use templates.
Lesson 3: Naming Conventions & Navigating Your Dashboard Discover the importance of proper naming conventions and how to navigate your dashboard efficiently.
Lesson 4: Campaign Structures (Prospecting) Understand different campaign structures and how to set them up for prospecting.
Lesson 5: Audiences (Prospecting) Learn how to identify and target the right audiences for your top-of-funnel efforts.
Lesson 6: Proven Tests You Can Run (Prospecting) Explore various tests you can run to optimize your prospecting efforts.
Lesson 7: Creative Examples (Prospecting) See real-world examples of successful prospecting creatives. Understand what makes these creatives effective and how you can apply similar principles to your own ads.
Lesson 8: Demo: Prospecting, Campaign Setup, & Launch Watch a live demonstration of setting up and launching a prospecting campaign. This practical lesson will provide a step-by-step guide to executing your own campaigns successfully.



Middle Of Funnel – Re-engagement To Drive Massive Traffic
In this module you’ll learn how to re-engage prospective customers who got targeted from your top of funnel efforts. Middle of funnel ads can be one of the biggest generators of sales in your funnel, so you’ll learn what page to drive them to, what copy to use, and everything in between!

Lesson 1: Re-Engagement Overview Understand the importance of re-engagement and the key concepts and techniques to bring back prospects who have shown initial interest.
Lesson 2: Campaign Structures (Re-Engagement) Discover the best campaign structures for re-engagement efforts.
Lesson 3: Audiences (Re-Engagement) Identify the right audiences for your re-engagement campaigns. Learn how to create and target segments that are most likely to convert after initial contact.
Lesson 4: Pages To Drive Traffic To (Re-Engagement) Learn which pages to drive your re-engagement traffic to.
Lesson 5: Copy Differences at Re-Engagement Discover how to tailor your ad copy for re-engagement campaigns.
Lesson 6: Creative Examples (Re-Engagement) Explore examples of successful re-engagement creatives. Understand the elements that make these creatives effective and how to incorporate similar features into your own ads.
Lesson 7: Tying It All Together (Re-Engagement) Learn how to integrate all the elements of re-engagement into a cohesive strategy.



Bottom Of Funnel – Remarketing For Scaling & Sales
This module reveals how to remarket to prospects when they’ve taken an action off of the Facebook platform. Maybe they visited your website or some other page, now you’ll learn how to “follow them” with engaging ads that drive conversions and bring in sales.

Lesson 1: Remarketing Overview Get an overview of remarketing and its importance in your ad strategy. Learn how to effectively reach prospects who have already interacted with your brand.
Lesson 2: Campaign Structures (Remarketing) Discover the best campaign structures for remarketing efforts.
Lesson 3: Remarketing Audiences & Adsets – Explanation Understand how to create and target remarketing audiences.
Lesson 4: Remarketing Audiences & Adsets – Execution Get practical insights into executing your remarketing strategies.
Lesson 5: Pages To Drive Traffic To (Remarketing) Learn which pages are best for driving your remarketing traffic.
Lesson 6: Creative & Copy Examples (Remarketing) Explore successful creative and copy examples for remarketing campaigns.
Lesson 7: Tying It All Together (Remarketing) Integrate all elements of remarketing into a cohesive strategy.



Ad Creative That Consistently Converts
In this module you’ll discover the exact “Ad Creative Framework” Nick and his team use for every single client. It’s proven to convert. From which copy to use and the right way to use images and videos, to making the user experience congruent throughout the whole process…it’s all here!

Lesson 1: How To Structure High-Converting Ad Creative Understand the structure of high-converting ad creatives.
Lesson 2: The Most Effective Ad Copy Formulas Discover the most effective ad copy formulas used by Nick and his team. Learn how to write compelling copy that drives engagement and conversions.
Lesson 3: Breaking Down Ad Creative (Image Or Video) Understand the the elements that make an ad successful whether it’s video or image.
Lesson 4: Message Match – Between Ad & Landing Page Learn the importance of message match between your ad and landing page.
Lesson 5: Branding Ads vs Direct Response Ads Explore the differences between branding ads and direct response ads.
Lesson 6: “The Agency Replacer Toolkit” Learn about the tools and resources that can help you create and manage successful ad campaigns without needing an agency.



Troubleshooting Common Problems & Avoiding Costly Mistakes
By the end of this module, you’ll have the confidence and troubleshooting framework to dive in and solve any problem that arises. You’ll be equipped with a proven framework on how to think through an ad issue whenever something happens. This allows you to always keep moving!

Lesson 1: How to Troubleshoot Properly Learn the proper techniques for troubleshooting ad campaigns.
Lesson 2: The 6 Most Common Roadblocks & How To Fix Them Discover the six most common roadblocks in Facebook advertising and how to overcome them.
Lesson 3: Different Dashboards to Look At When Troubleshooting Get familiar with different dashboards and metrics to monitor when troubleshooting.
Lesson 4: Using The “Make Good Decisions Formula” Understand Nick’s “Make Good Decisions Formula” for making informed decisions and optimize your campaigns.
Lesson 5: The 7 Deadly Sins of Disapproved Ads Learn about the seven common mistakes that lead to ad disapproval.
Lesson 6: What If It’s Not The Ad’s Fault? Understand what to do when the issue isn’t with your ad.
Lesson 7: How To Run Ads Towards Major Events Discover strategies for running ads around major events. Learn how to leverage these opportunities to boost your ad performance and reach.
Lesson 8: The Roadmap: Who To Listen To? Get guidance on how to navigate the sea of information and choose the right sources for your ad strategy.
Lesson 9: Bringing It All Together Integrate all the troubleshooting techniques into a cohesive strategy.



How To Thrive In The New Facebook
In this module, Phoenix Ha shares her insights on how to adapt and thrive in the new Facebook advertising landscape.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Facebook Ads 2.0 Get an overview of the changes in Facebook Ads 2.0. Learn how these changes affect your ad strategy and what you need to do to adapt.
Lesson 2: Introducing Phoenix Ha Meet Phoenix Ha and learn about her expertise in Facebook advertising.
Lesson 3: What Really Changed with Facebook Ads? Discover the major changes in Facebook advertising post-iOS 14. Learn how these changes impact your campaigns and what you need to do to succeed.
Lesson 4: Reclaim the Power of 1st Party Data Learn how to leverage first-party data to improve your ad targeting and performance.
Lesson 5: Introduction to the Nine Facebook Advertising Strategies Explore the nine key strategies for successful Facebook advertising to boost your ad performance.
Lesson 6: Strategy Pillar #1: Drive Traffic Understand the first pillar of driving high-quality visitors to your site.
Lesson 7: Strategy Pillar #2: Increase Conversion Discover the second pillar of increasing conversions aka, turning visitors into customers.
Lesson 8: Strategy Pillar #3: Maximize Lifetime Value Learn the third pillar of maximizing customer lifetime value. Discover strategies to engage and retain customers, driving long-term growth and profitability.



Module 8: Creative And Tactics (Nick And Jordan)
In this module, Nick Shackelford and Jordan Menard share their advanced tactics and creative strategies for Facebook advertising.

Lesson 1: Nick Shack’s Whitelist Influencers Strategy Part 1 Learn about Nick’s Whitelist Influencers Strategy.
Lesson 2: Nick Shack’s Whitelist Influencers Strategy Part 2 Dive deeper and learn advanced techniques for maximizing the impact of your influencer partnerships.
Lesson 3: Introducing Jordan Menard Meet Jordan Menard and learn about his approach to ad creativity. Understand how his strategies have transformed numerous campaigns.
Lesson 4: Creative Overview Get an overview of the elements of successful ad creatives.
Lesson 5: Static Ads Learn the best practices for creating effective static ads that capture attention and drive engagement.
Lesson 6: Narrative Ads Explore the power of storytelling in ads. Learn how to craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.
Lesson 7: Creative Testing Understand the importance of split testing for ad creatives.
Lesson 8: Pitchfork Discover the Pitchfork technique for scaling your ad campaigns.
Lesson 9: Manual Bidding Learn advanced manual bidding strategies to maximize your ad spend and achieve higher returns.
Lesson 10: Advantage Shopping+ Understand the Advantage Shopping+ approach for better results.

You can get all of the simple, actionable, & step-by-step strategies for ads that convert and generate a consistent revenue stream with a high-converting facebook funnel.



🎁 Plus the following bonuses to further amplify your results:


1. Nick’s “Swipe & Deploy” Facebook Ads File

Inside Nick’s “Swipe & Deploy” File are countless ad examples used by some of the most successful brands online. You can get inspired by ads that have generated millions in revenue. There are ads for each part of the funnel (top, middle, bottom) and ads in all kinds of different niches. Ecommerce, SaaS, service, digital products…they’re all in here! There are even some of Foundr’s best performing ads included as well!

2. The Agency Replacer Toolkit

If you’ve ever hired an agency that didn’t produce the results they promised or were just a pain to work with…you know it can not only be super frustrating, but a total waste of money! In this bonus you’ll get Nick’s “Agency Replacer Toolkit” which is filled with the tools he uses to create profitable ads.

3. Tried & True Spreadsheet Calculators

The most important part of running ads is making sure they’re profitable and you’re not wasting money you don’t need to. That’s why inside this bonus you’re going to get the exact “Tried & True Spreadsheet Calculators” Nick uses to manage his ad spend across 100+ different brands with $10M in ad spend every month!

4. How To Find Free Money

Many people don’t know how to track and properly attribute a specific sale to a specific ad. That’s why this last bonus is all about “finding free money” in the ads you run by using delayed attribution. It will help you set up your ad decisions in a way that helps you maximize every single dollar of return possible.

5. The IOS Battle Plan

The iOS 14.5 update for Apple devices forever changed how you track the performance of your Facebook Ad campaigns. That means conversions originated by the users who’ve opted out of tracking will not be reported in your Ad account. There is no clear cut solution for this. But Nick Shackelford has developed a “battle plan” that can help you navigate and improve your on-platform Return On Ad Spend.

6. On Platform ROAS Tracker

Catch the hidden trend in your Facebook Ad returns and discover the sales that otherwise go unnoticed. Sleep better knowing that you’re still in control. This simple little calculator shows you how to track the correlation between the conversions that Facebook shows on its platform and the actual sales you’re seeing in your shopping cart dashboard.

7. Advanced Scaling Tactics

When your Facebook Ads are working, the next step is SCALING and elevating your spend to get to that 6-figure and 7-figure level while maintaining profit and strong RoAS. There are 2 primary methods to scale — Scaling Vertically, and Scaling Horizontally. Then within that, we have 3 different scaling strategies specific to Facebook. You’ll discover all of that in this bonus module.

8. The Roundtable: How To Make Facebook Ads Work

After this intimate and in-depth conversation, you’ll never look at Facebook ads or building an online business the same. During this behind-closed-doors Q&A, Nick, Jordan, and Phoenix share “insider insights” their private clients normally pay thousands for.

9. The Campaign Audit: How To Make 8x Roas On Everyday Ecommerce Products

This bonus alone is worth the entire investment of the course! For nearly an hour you’ll get a rare over-the-shoulder look as all three instructors break down live ecommerce Facebook ad campaigns and the step-by-step changes they’d make to skyrocket conversions.


How To Run Facebook Ads 2.0 By Nick Shackelford - Foundr – Free Download Course Update + Upsell - The Ecommerce and AI Starter Kit 2-For-1 Bundle


The Ecommerce and AI Starter Kit 2-For-1 Bundle


Kickstart your ecommerce business effortlessly with our Ecommerce and AI Starter Kit 2-For-1 Bundle. In this summit exclusive bundle you’ll receive our Ecommerce Store Starter Kit which includes with 50+ easy to use templates, checklists and step by step SOPS, plus our 100 Advanced Ecommerce ChatGPT Prompts to Scale Your Brand; the best prompts designed optimise your ecommerce with AI.



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