Game Frame Marketing By Laura Catella – Free Download Course

Game Frame Marketing By Laura Catella - Free Download Course


Game Frame Marketing By Laura Catella Georgi – Free Download Course – Dimond Day Mastermind


Get the latest keys to unlocking your creativity into a simple yet powerful 4-modules course!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Laura Catella Georgi

✅ Official Course Price: $997

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

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✅ Course Size : 10.04 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:



Generate. You’ll discover new approaches to coming up with killer ideas quickly.


Articulate. You’ll tap into how to say the words that create connection and conversion.


Manipulate. 99% of copywriters don’t know how to effectively edit. You will.


Exit. When is a piece finally done to the highest caliber? I’ll share the framework for knowing this and delivering work with pride and certainty.


Including these BONUSES:
10 Ways to Get Premium Clients.

$97 VALUE – Yours FREE

Unrivaled Messaging for Personal Brands

$97 VALUE – Yours FREE

15 Ways to Beat Imposter

$97 VALUE – Yours FREE

Sales Conversation Mastery

$97 VALUE – Yours FREE

Semi-Automatic Headline Generator


Course curriculum:


Module 1: GENERATE
Module 1 is all about idea generation.

And if you think research is boring…

You’ll love my “Full Deck” research hack that instantly turns idea generation into a GAME and puts the FUN and passion back into your writing process.

I’ll also show you…

How to come up with 99 headlines in 9 minutes flat (set your timer!)

The one search term on Reddit that most copywriters neglect to use (but the 1% of copywriters who DO use it are considered the best in the world)

The classic research methods Gary Bencivenga, David Deutsch, and Gary Halbert used to get to know their prospects more intimately than any other copywriters in the world. Plus how to use today’s technology to get to know your prospects faster. I’ll also tell you which outdated research techniques you can cross off your list to save you even more time.

The five prompts you can answer before you do a lick of research that will speed up your writing time 4.5X (so instead of taking a month to write a long-form sales letter, you could
bang it out in a week)

When and how to generate unique names for ingredients, processes, and mechanisms to make them more intriguing (aka more likely to sell)

The Metaphor Matrix that makes even the most boring copywriter look like a creative genius

The two research techniques that your grandma would approve of that still work like a charm today

Why a simple trip to the zoo can help you write like an A List copywriter

BETTER THAN REDDIT! The “Rotary Research Method” used by all the greats that most copywriters today haven’t even heard of

Afraid to write long-form copy?

No worries, I’ll give you the world’s simplest sales page outline that helps even short-form email copywriters land $10k+ gigs with confidence.

PLUS I’m sharing…

The “headline poison” that keeps prospects reading, but doesn’t increase sales (and the 3-second antidote that revives a poisoned headline instantly)

How to effectively open a loop in your post-headline that will keep more eyes glued to the page

Most copywriters close loops too quickly. Here’s how to keep loops open longer while still gripping your reader’s attention all the way to the buy button.

The “double loop stitch” method that hooks prospects faster and can keep them on pins and needles throughout the sales letter (even if it’s 10,000 words long)

What a AAA battery can teach you about writing electric closes that increase sales

How to effortlessly embody Albert Einstein to generate wildly creative and weird angles that immediately grip your prospects’ attention and keep them reading all the way to the end

We’ll show you how to increase conversions with copy angles so mysterious, even Sherlock Holmes would be stumped (but these mystery angles will be so relatable that your readers won’t be able to walk away until they’ve read every last word on the page).

Why the most effective copy doesn’t stop after the close (plus how to increase LTV with hypnotic copy post-purchase)

How to tie emotion into your close to hypnotize prospects into visualizing buying your product (this is how A+ copywriters are earning those big royalty checks)

How to use celebrities to build credibility in your copy even if they don’t have an official endorsement with the brand (and it’s completely ethical when done the right way)

How to generate really persuasive copy using THIS book owned by every 6th-grader

I’ll show you when and how to use jargon in a hypnotic way to put your audience in a trance and make them instantly devoted

The two promises you MUST make in your sales copy to increase conversions (if either one is missing, you’re leaving money on the table)


In this module, I show you exactly how to edit quickly, efficiently, and in a way that will increase conversions.

You’ll also discover…

How to determine how many times you can repeat yourself in a sales letter without irritating or belittling your readers

The “telephone” trap most copywriters fall into while editing their work (WARNING: If you’re working on projects until the 25th hour and still not producing absolute fire copy, you’re likely a victim of this telephone trap. The good news is that you can literally fix it TODAY. The remedy is revealed in Module 3.)

The A List project management plan that will put you ahead of schedule every time you use it. Your clients will LOVE your punctuality.

What time travel can teach you about reviewing copy that will immediately make you a more efficient editor and help you produce a higher converting final draft (this is the same secret I’ve used to generate over 9 figures writing and chiefing copy)

The “Tinseltown Technique” for reviewing copy that can reveal quick fixes to take your copy from bombing to blockbuster overnight

How to recycle lead copy to make your close stronger in a way that results in more sales

How to crack open a line of copy to reveal more juicy benefits and hypnotic copy with the “egg toss” trick

Module 4: EXIT/END IT
Do you get anxiety at the thought of turning your work in to a client?

Module 4 will give you instant confidence in deciding when a piece is ready to hand over.

And not only that, but it’ll give you…

The most leverageable zones of a sales letter to quickly create ads, emails, and advertorials

How to quickly find upsells and cross-sells that can instantly increase AOV and LTV

The semi-automatic headline generator that creates split test ideas in seconds

The 5 most impactful split tests to offer a client that you can either charge more money for… or use as a value-add to overdeliver on every project (Hint: even when you charge for it, your client will still view it as overdelivering)

When to scrap an idea, hook, angle, or even a Big Idea before you waste precious time writing or editing


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