Email Down ’n Delivery By Troy Broussard & Ben Settle – Free Download

Email Down ’n Delivery By Troy Broussard & Ben Settle - Free Download Course + PDF Transcripts


Email Down ’n Delivery By Troy Broussard & Ben Settle – Free Download Course + PDF Transcripts


Get 15 Ways To Turn Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, & Other Major Email Providers Into Your Unofficial Marketing Team For Getting Superior Inbox Delivery & Engagement!



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✅ Course Authors: Ben Settle & Troy Broussard

✅ Official Course Price: $20 + $10 For The Transcript

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Troy Broussard & Ben Settle



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Training:


How to profit from being in the spam, junk, or promotions tab.

A sneaky way to use Amazon to have inbox providers almost giddy to deliver more of your emails.
How to trick your trolls & haters into helping your emails get better inbox delivery.
A quick tweak you can make to your email address to make Gmail more likely to put you in the primary tab.
How to get more engagement & sales by shooting for lower open rates than higher open rates.





Common “From” email addresses Google doesn’t like delivering to the primary tab.
A rarely mentioned way (used by IBM, and other big tech companies) for using your website domain registration to give your inbox delivery a nice little boost.
Why Gmail & other email platforms punish emails resent to leads who didn’t open them the first time. (If you are re-sending emails to un-opens you are very likely poisoning your domain reputation, relationship with your list, and future delivery & sales without even realizing it. Do what’s suggested inside instead… and do not be shocked if you start to see everything go up — including your inbox delivery, engagement, sales, trust, readership, the works.)
A slick way to “spin” opt-outs into higher inbox delivery. (Instead of fearing opt-outs you might even start looking forward to them. Especially if you see those opt-outs leading to more money in the bank…)
How to identify, extract, & sell to the most engaged buyers on a dead or long-neglected email list.
The sinister way random porn sites could be destroying your email delivery right now… even if you have never viewed, sold, accidentally clicked on, or consumed porn in your entire life!
How to check (for free) if your domain is on any spam blacklists… and exactly what to do if it is! (If your domain is on a black list there is almost no way in hell that’s not hurting your email delivery & engagement. Simply follow the instructions inside immediately and then sit back and watch what happens.)
Innocent email formatting mistakes that could be butchering your inbox results. (If you’re going to use bold, italics, bullets, etc, make sure you’re aware of these mistakes — as you could be sending perfectly good emails to the junk, spam, & promotions tab without even realizing it!)
An “under the radar” way to use ordinary typos to help your business get higher inbox delivery & conversions.
Simple edits you can make to your opt-in pages & welcome sequences that can sometimes help your emails slip right past even the most aggressive spam filters over time.
A powerful engagement device used & perfected by Rush Limbaugh (to get rabid, almost creepy-levels of mass engagement on his show)… that can also work so insanely well in your emails, people might literally look for you even if you are in their junk, spam, or promotions tabs!
A secret way (your favorite marketing guru likely has no clue exists) to use your opt-out links to get better inbox delivery.
A secret straight from the writer who made the X-Men famous that he used to force so much irrational engagement with his readers… he had to make a file with the FBI due to death threats & harassment! ( This guy earned so much in royalties partly from applying this in his stories he was able to buy his own plane, if that tells you something. And while this can admittedly be a bit hair-raising to do, it can also be well worth it if you want to take your email delivery, engagement, & sales to whole new levels.)
Why so many completely innocent (even “G-rated”) emails are routinely flagged by junk filters as potential spam, scams, & porno! (And exactly how to help make sure it is not happening to your business — starting with the very next email you send.)
The little-talked about reason why helpdesk software could be watering down your email delivery results.
How to ethically use Google’s “creepy line” to help potentially get so many emails into Gmail’s primary tab than you are now it might even shock you! (Gmail pays extremely close attention to everything their users do — from how many seconds you leave an email open… to what you write in your drafts & what you delete… to your interests, habits, turns ons & turn offs… and the list goes on. But if you know how to benevolently exploit that creepy line they admit exists… you can potentially start sailing right into more primary tabs than you are now — and with all the extra engagement, sales, & influence that can go with it.)
A cunning way to “sidestep” Gmail’s promotions tab… and be rewarded with more primary tab delivery instead. (This won’t happen overnight. But if you do it consistently over the next 30-days you absolutely could start seeing far better primary tab delivery & way higher engagement. You might also see more sales roll in, too.)
A fast & super effective way to use customer testimonials to help level-up the number of emails you get delivered to the primary tab & inbox.
A shrewd persuasion tactic used thousands of years ago by Greek negotiators that is almost guaranteed to get your emails remarkably better inboxing, engagement, & sales. (Frankly, even if you do wind up in spam, junk, or promotions… you’ll still likely get read by lots of your readers, and some of them may even drag your emails directly into their primary inbox.)
An inbox delivery trick that can help “ferret out” lots of great testimonials you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.
How obnoxiously sending MORE emails can help get Gmail’s algorithms to want to get you into more primary tabs.
Why sending so-called “good will emails” (that don’t sell anything) not only won’t make your business any money… but can damage your inbox results.
An almost forgotten advertising secret (discovered by a Chicago ad man decades before email was even invented) that can not only help get your business emails in more inboxes… but probably get those emails a whole lot more sales, engagement, & response, too.
The ingenious trick used by a Guinness Book of World Records holder in sales that can potentially make it so lots of people on your list only want to do business with you instead of your competitors.
A kung fu champion-turned-world-class-direct marketer’s email philosophy that can help your business potentially be perceived as the only one in your niche worth reading & buying from.
An admittedly disgusting tip (taught in the Bible, for keeping churches free of dead weight & fake holy men…) that can help drive away trolls, complainers, whiners, spam button pushers, and other idiots that could be ruining your inbox delivery right now.
“Red flag” email addresses (all but guaranteed to be haunting your list whether you realize it or not) you should block with extreme prejudice (starting today!) if you want maximum inbox delivery.
The totally paradoxical reason why world class copywriters might be more at risk for getting terrible inbox delivery than amateur copywriters. (If you write exceptionally great sales copy and wonder why so many of your emails are not being delivered to inboxes this could be why.)
How to avoid being suckered by bad advice from the growing horde of fake email delivery experts popping up on Facebook, at marketing conferences, or even in your peer groups! (Plus, who the for-real email delivery experts are, and why you probably never hear from them publicly.)
Why mass deleting leads who aren’t opening your emails is not only robbing your business of potential sales… but is probably not doing a single blessed thing to get your emails into more inboxes or out of spam, junk, & promotions tabs. (And what works far better instead to get rid of the actual non-engaged leads clogging up your list.)
How to use your friends, family, in-laws, and loved ones to help your business get better inbox delivery… without them even knowing about it.
Quite possibly the single best (and fastest) way to find, identify, & delete inbox delivery-killing spam traps, bots, & spam button pushers… as well as email addresses that never get checked, and abandoned email addresses seized by big tech platforms to “spy” on your business. (These kinds of email addresses are all but guaranteed to be infesting your list like cockroaches right now, no matter how “clean” you think it is — and can absolutely tank your inbox delivery over time.)
What Gmail could very well be doing to your emails every time you push that “send” button to completely scramble your open rate & tracking data. (The jury is still out about if this is legitimately a thing or if it is just a techno urban legend. But, whether it’s a real phenomenon or not, you can make it a non-issue by following the info inside Email Down ’n Delivery.)
An almost deviously simple way to do deep market research on what your list wants to buy… while also cranking up the number of your emails hitting Google’s primary tab.
A spooky cautionary tale about email inbox delivery that could possibly keep you out of jail! (This is no joke. There could even be direct marketers in the “stripey hole” right now who could have avoided it by just doing this one thing with their incoming emails.)
2 ways to “jimmie” your emails to help get engagement from people on your list who never engage with you. (Which, since Gmail loves to see engagement… can logically help lead to more of your emails landing in the primary tab.)
A game-changing copywriting secret Gary Halbert used in his world famous personal ad that can help “flip” even your biggest haters & trolls into loyal, life-long customers.
A nuclear engineer-turned-marketing automation specialist’s scientific explanation (from sending, split testing, & tracking literally tens of millions of emails, and seeing the data in real time) of why putting images in your emails can torpedo your inbox delivery. (Especially with Gmail.)
The foolish thing that probably over 50% of email marketers do that tricks you into thinking you’re getting higher engagement than you really are.
An almost absurdly simple way to potentially put Gmail “in heat” to give your emails primary tab preference over other competition in your prospects’ inboxes.
Why the best way to get lots more emails into Gmail’s primary tab is NOT to blindly believe everything their reps say at conferences or slavishly follow what their support claims on their site. (HINT: email sending platforms all know Google not only doesn’t play by their own playbook, but they keep things so tight-lipped they don’t even share vital info like who pushes the spam button. Very secretive. But, if you know the logic behind who they want to give engagement to, you can potentially get a lot more of your emails delivered to the primary tab than you might get otherwise. Details inside.)
5 dumb-but-common (especially for affiliate marketers…) mistakes that can mutilate your inbox & Gmail primary tab delivery.
The #1 thing one of the world’s top email automation specialists does (and teaches his private clients) to get superior inbox delivery that is 100% based on: (1) his science & testing background (as a Navy nuclear engineer)… (2) his knowledge of how developers at big tech platforms think & make decisions (from managing a $12 million department of IT pros at Encyclopedia Britannica)… (3) running a multi-million dollar SEO business based upon figuring out what legitimately (not theoretically) makes Google happy… (4) split testing 10’s of millions of emails and seeing the hard data… and (5) now, as an email platform designer, figuring out how to get big volumes of emails delivered to his clients’ inboxes.
When to avoid your email platform’s so-called “best practices” if you want more emails to land in inboxes and if you want to make more sales.
Why so many self-described “deliverability experts” are at best ignorant and at worst outright frauds! (You might be shocked how many are running around giving opinions from purely unscientific observations based on very short time frames & statistically irrelevant data. See inside for how to legitimately approach email delivery while avoiding all the frauds.)
Three email inbox delivery “booster shots” that can help protect more of your emails from going into promotions, junk, or spam… while also helping your business get better sales, engagement, back-end profits, lifetime value from leads, and the list of potential benefits goes on.
A quickie, “idiot’s guide” to the technical side of email delivery. (A full 95%+ of what you need to do is not technical at all. But if you want maximum house odds at getting world class inbox delivery this part can certainly help.)
“Caveman friendly” email automation tricks that can help your business get dramatically higher inbox delivery.
The almost freaky-effective “nag & go away” email automation insight that can potentially work miracles for most any business’ inbox results. (Not only can this near-miraculous insight help your business get open rates of up to 70% – 80%… but it can also help you get click rates as high as 50%+… while also, at the same time, help you get more sales from abandoned shopping carts… more membership site registrations… more calls back… more clients wanting to hire your business… more customers consuming what you sold them… and the list goes on. And you can learn all about it straight from the email automation “maestro” who perfected it inside Email Down ’n Delivery.)
The exact number of links likely to be safe to include in an email if you don’t want to be penalized with lower inbox delivery.
2 “nuclear option” ways to amp up your inbox delivery & sales when nothing else seems to work. (One of these ways is almost laughably simple, even though probably less than 1 in 1,000 email marketers will do it. And the second way works with an ordinary auto-responder, and can be like pouring gasoline on the fire for your inbox delivery — potentially creating a chain reaction of engagement… which can then naturally get more of your emails into inboxes as the major email platforms see how engaged their users are with you. And it can just amplify & self-perpetuate itself from there.)
A strange (but legit) way to use Facebook to help “flush out” only the best, most engaged leads from a list that gets low (or no) engagement now.

And much, much more…


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