Sold Out Sales Page By Luisa Zhou – Free Download Course


Sold Out Sales Page By Luisa Zhou – Free Download SOSP Course


Want to know the “secret” to creating sales pages that sell out every one of your coaching packages and courses? For the first time ever, I’m sharing my top-performing, proven sales page templates, and actual sales pages, for every type of product I’ve ever sold in my coaching/course business!


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✅ Course Author: Luisa Zhou

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Sold Out Sales Page By Luisa Zhou - Free Download Course



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:



These proven sales page formulas — and the actual sales pages I used them for — have generated anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars in sales… each:


The Coaching Package Sales Page
A coaching program sales page is different from any other sales page. Because often you’re using the sales page to invite someone to schedule a sales call (instead of directly buying).

The Course Sales Page
Want to sell out your course? This is most likely the sales page you’ll use (for courses ranging from $300 to $1,000).

What formula works best for this type of offer? How much detail should you include? How long should the sales page be? I’ll walk you through all of it with my own My First 10K Subscribers course sales page.

The Proof: This sales page (and my other course sales pages that follow this template) consistently drive 5- to 6-figures in sales…every time.

The Flagship Course Sales Page
What does the sales page for a course that has sold well over $1 Million in sales look like? Not to mention a course that sells for $2,000?

I’ll show you — and break down how you can create a sales page like this for yourself — by walking you through my masterpiece…

My Employee to Entrepreneur sales page. This work of art (seriously) is the result of $40,000+ spent on hiring lots of different copywriters, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on advertising to test different sales page versions, and gallons of my own blood, sweat, and tears.

Skip all of that and get the shortcut via this template when you’re ready to sell out your own flagship course (where the price is $1,000+).

The Proof: This sales page layout has driven well over a million dollars in sales.

The Mini-Course Sales Page
What about when you want to sell a course in the $50 to $200 price range?

This is my favorite type of sales page to write. Because it’s fast, fun, and oh so profitable. With the layout and example I share with you, you’ll be cranking out these massively profitable sales pages in just a few hours.

The “Proof:” This sales page template brings in thousands of dollars in sales each time I use it.

The Not-a-Sales Page Sales Page


Here’s how this course is broken down:
In the first module, I’ll share with you the underlying Sold Out Sales Page Principles and the Formula I use to start every sales page. Via 3 to-the-point video lessons, you’ll learn:

5 Common Misconceptions about Sales Pages
At this point, I’ve worked with thousands of students and clients and have written or co-written well over a hundred sales pages. There are 5 common misconceptions I see all the time when it comes to creating a sold out sales page.

First, we’re going to clear up those 5 misconceptions to make sure you don’t stay stuck with no sales.

5 Questions I Answer First Before I Write ANY Sales Page
These are the 5 questions I always answer before I write a single word for any sales page.

After this lesson, you’ll be using these five questions to make your sales page SO much faster and easier to write too…not to mention so much more effective at making sales as well!

My Sold Out Sales Page Formula
You know that saying, “Know the rules so you know how to break them properly?” That’s exactly what’s going on here. You’ll learn my 8-part Sold Out Sales Page Formula, as well as the underlying principles behind each part of the formula.

This way, once we get to each specific sales page template, you’ll understand WHY we’re breaking the rules that we do for that product sales page…so you can create the most effective sales page for yourself.

Then, for each type of sales page that I mentioned earlier, I’ll show you how to customize the Sold Out Sales Page Formula for that specific product via 4 steps:


Step 1: My Private Notes

These are my actual answers to the “5 Questions to Answer” for the sales page that we cover in that lesson.

You’ll get insight into how I strategize my marketing, selling, and positioning a product before I ever write a single word for any sales pages. (And once you learn how to do this for yourself, you’ll see leaps and bounds in your own marketing and sales as well.)


Step 2: My Sales Page Walkthrough

This is where I walk you through my actual sales page for that type of product.

I’ll share with you what works and why I broke the Sales Page Formula rules I did for that particular sales page.

I basically reverse engineer for you my top-performing sales pages. So that you can apply the learnings I had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get…for yourself…to get the results without the pain.


Step 3: The Real Deal

Next, I’ll share with you a PDF of my actual sales page for you to study. Who does this??! (No one!) I don’t hold anything back, so that you can understand what works (not just the theory) and apply it for yourself.


Step 4: Your Write Guide

Finally, I make it super easy for you to write your own sales page with a step-by-step guide that walks you through how I recommend writing your sales page for whatever product you want to sell.

Never have to write a sales page from scratch again or wonder about what will work or won’t work for your own sales page.


Sold Out Sales Page By Luisa Zhou - Free Download Course


Bonus #1:
My 19 Sold Out Sales Page Design Rules
Something you may have noticed: My sales pages are clean and beautiful. They’re not just pretty for the sake of being pretty though. They’re designed strategically to support what I say on my sales page and boost sales.

Designing sales pages that do that is an art and a science in of itself. One that I’ve studied and tested — with the help of my site designer (I don’t do all this myself!) — for years.

In this 10-page, detailed PDF, I share the 19 Design Rules (with examples) I recommend that you follow for all of your sales pages as well. So that your sales pages look good AND sell good. (Yes, I know it’s not grammatically correct, but I couldn’t resist!)

Bonus #2:
Watch Me Write a Sales Page from Scratch
Again, who does this?! I used exactly what I teach YOU in this course to write a brand new sales page from scratch in about an hour.

What’s more, I recorded myself doing it and talked you through my process so you can see yet another example of what you’re learning in action. (Which is the best way to learn and get the best results for yourself.)

Bonus #3:
My Go-To Sold Out Sales Page Checklist
Over the years, each time I figured out a sales page update that made a massive difference in sales, I added that AHA to my personal sales page checklist to make sure I didn’t forget it in the future.

Then, I prettied it up and put it into this easy-to-use PDF for you. This checklist has since then saved my butt (and bank account) more times than I can count. By making sure that every sales page I put out is set up for maximum success.


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You can find more info on the sales page here.


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