The $100 Million Copywriting Formula Swipe File No 1, 2 & 3 Bundle – Free Download

The $100 Million Copywriting Formula Swipe File No 1, 2 & 3


The $100 Million Copywriting Formula Swipe File No 1, 2 & 3 By Doug D’Anna Bundle – Free Download All Swipe Files Collection


This exclusive share includes the following products from Doug D’Anna :


The $100 Million Copywriting Swipe File Volume No. 1

The $100 Million Copywriting Swipe File Volume No. 2

The $100 Million Copywriting Swipe File Volume No. 3



✅ About This Package:


✅ Swipe Files Author: Doug D’Anna

✅ Official Course Price: $350 + $350 + $350

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ PDFs Size : 198.04 MB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Training:


Volume one features 10 of my favorite promotions. The same ones that I use to coach my copywriting students on my Million-Dollar Copywriting Formula.

Your FREE copy of The Great Retirement Betrayal (sold separately for $99.) This was my first grand slam promotion. As you’ll see, it’s written like a grandfather whose only goal is to make sure you don’t get ripped off by bankers, brokers, and the government. When you read it, you’ll see how you, too, can add this same friendly/fatherly tone to your sales letters, landing pages, and webinars.

One Nation Under China is one of my best examples of using the Trojan Horse. Written like a highly-charged news article, it slowly walks you down the order form using a combination of fear and greed. It is one of my best examples of using the news hook to move your readers to do a swan dive to the order form.
Tap the Hidden Wealth Inside Your Paycheck was written and targeted at regular everyday people who are trying to get ahead in life and just don’t know how. You’ll read how I speak to them in a to-a-friend-from-a-friend tone. This launch package beat a well-known A-list writer’s effort and was money for me for two years.
The One Stock That Will Make You a Marijuana Millionaire is one of my best examples of using a single stock story to sell a subscription to an investment newsletter. The big takeaway here is how I use undeniable proof to make the case for owning this incredible stock. Another two-year control.
The New Science of Getting What You Want was self-promotion for a book I authored 15 years ago. In it, you’ll read how I use my credibility, track record, and the dream of achieving success to walk the reader to the order form. You’ll also see how I integrate a no-risk money-back guarantee throughout.
The Fast Money 2020 $1 Million Giveaway is the transcript for a highly successful two-person webinar/VSL. You’ll see how I use a conversational back-and-forth style to keep viewers engaged in learning the secret trading strategy that will make them rich.
Oil Time Bomb to Blindside U.S. Investors was one of my favorite all-time promotions. REASON: It uses my famous “either-or” news approach to bring in readers on both sides of the argument. Prospects read every last word to see if they are right. This was a three-year control using various headlines and was converted to a highly successful VSL.
The Lightning-Fast Profits Summit is the transcript for another highly successful trading service VSL I wrote. Here you will see one of my biggest secrets at work: How explaining how the trading mechanism works to prove to readers that this system will make readers money. So powerful, you may forget this is an example and subscribe!
The Retirement Club is one of my legendary email promotions that ran in various formats for over a decade using a simple e-vite and landing page that transformed a publication into a club by repositioning the offer.
The Master Key to Marijuana Profits relaunched a struggling publication to incredible success. The key to success was taking a macroeconomic view and then drilling down into the individual stock picks.



The $100 Million Copywriting Formula Swipe File No 1, 2 & 3


Volume 2 features 12 of my favorite health promotions, written exclusively for the largest health publishers, including Prevention Health Books, Men’s Health, and Doctors Health Press.

91 Powerful New Vitamin Cures That Work. This was my very first health promotion for Prevention Health Books and was a big winner for me. The book was called Healing with Vitamins. As you’ll see, I used the age-old “announcing” approach to launch this book. What helped sell this magalog was the credibility proof points that you’ll see throughout this promotion. I made over $100K in royalties on this one! Page 6
The Men’s Health Guide to Peak Conditioning. As an exercise junkie, this was probably the most fun magalog promotion I have ever written. REASON: I knew the content inside and out since I have lived it. I also knew intuitively what all men are looking for: easy ways to get bigger, stronger, and faster and make themselves more competitive in every sport. To add a ton of credibility to this magalog, I got my own judo coach to endorse it. Huge winner for me and Men’s Health. Page 31
New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats was another BIG moneymaker for me. In it, you’ll find dozens of fascinations that specifically target the everyday symptoms our beloved pets are faced with, including “Cure hot spots with tea tree oil…stop your dog from jumping up with these herbs…end cat spraying with this gentle flower essence…how sprinkling a little fresh garlic in your pet’s food bowl can restore a lost appetite.” If you love alternative health and love animals, you’ll love this control. Page 59
Doctors Health Journal of Alternative Remedies and Cures was another long-running control for me. My package launched this publication of the same name. The key to its success lies in 1) The headline every doctor asks: “Where does it hurt?” and 2) In the two subheadings: This miraculous new pain cure could end your suffering in seconds. PLUS: Medicare and insurance companies will pay for it. Filled with dozens of fascinations, this is one magalog you won’t want to miss. Page 84

Common Pain Remedies Revealed was the first of many winning book promotions for Doctors Health Press. What you’ll like most about this pain book promotion was how personal it was. “When five doctors couldn’t solve my father’s crippling back pain, I was determined to find a cure. Today I’m proud to say he’s 100% pain-free and you can be too!” If you are into story copy, you won’t want to miss this one. Page 112
The Forgotten Secret was one of the most fun story copy promotions I have ever written. REASON: It sold a book about natural sex supplements without screaming SEX. You’ll love the headline: “When I saw my Aunt Lilly’s big smile, I knew Uncle Ted was up to no good again.” As you’ll see, every subhead not only walks the reader to the order form but also to a better sex life! Page 120
Heal Joint Pain in 30 Days or Less. When your book’s name makes for a great headline, it’s hard to write a losing promotion. So it’s no wonder why this ran as a control for years. As you’ll see, I used a similar story approach to target the reader as I did with Common Pain Remedies Revealed. REASON: I could see from the test results that it worked! This was written from the point of view of a son’s love for his mother. When you consider that all boys love their mamas, you’ll understand why this approach was pure gold. Page 128

101 Safe & Simple Cures. Isn’t that what everyone is looking for…for allergies, pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, sores, bruises, asthma? You bet it is. The book promotion, and the book, delivered safe and simple solutions for each of these ailments. Page 136

KEY TO ITS SUCCESS: I made this one read like a digest. All one had to do was “turn a page” to find an easy cure. So not only were the cures simple, the promotion was simple too. When I matched this up with the publisher’s guarantee, trying a free copy was simply a no-brainer.

Secret Herbal Cures That Combat Illness. If you have been following me and my career for a long time, then you know how powerful secrets can be–especially natural health secrets that the drug companies want banned. Page 144

As you’ll see, it was through this “anti-drug company” approach that I was able to create a book promotion that has withstood the test of time.

REASON: Everyone hates drug companies, and the buyers in this space believe those companies are lying to the public. You’ll also see, for the first time, my “take away” approach that compels readers to act now or lose the opportunity.

The New Mineral Cures. When I started selling alternative health books, I learned two things about this market group: 1) They believe that doctors have no clue as to what’s wrong with you, and 2) They (as a group) are tired of being told, “It’s all in your head” when modern medicine fails them. Page 152
As you’ll see, I took this simple approach to promote a breakthrough book on mineral imbalances, how they can be the cause of your ailments, how to use them to heal yourself, and how to “begin each day bursting with energy.”

A Man’s Guide to a Healthy Prostate. This too was another big winner for me that passed the test of time. REASON: I targeted men’s real fears about prostate cancer in a personal and shocking way. “Jim never saw it coming…and it nearly cost him his life.” Page 160

Fact is, men have every reason to be concerned about their prostate, as 230,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and more than 30,000 men will die from it. This book promo shared those bleak numbers but offset that with the ray of hope this book could provide them.

Worse Than Cancer and It’s in Everything You Eat was the winning headline for this breakthrough health book called The Disease Blocker System. The subhead was equally as powerful: “Here’s what you must do now to flush these deadly toxins from your body for good.” Page 168

The balance of the promotion was equally as scary, warning readers that if they didn’t take action immediately, they were putting themselves at risk for everything from diabetes to cancer to obesity. That is what an effective book promotion is supposed to do: move your readers to take action to preserve their health and save their lives.



The $100 Million Copywriting Formula Swipe Volume 3


Featuring my 7 best-selling self-promotion direct mail promotion and landing pages.

In the New Science of Getting What You Want, you’ll see how I use the concept of “different and better “to …

Use the Hero’s Journey to position me as the expert in the field
Build my credibility by simply telling my story
Expand my Unique Selling Proposition for my new “science” that continues throughout the whole package
Strategically place testimonials throughout, seamlessly supporting the letter copy
Make success as simple as rubbing your two fingers together
This promotion not only put me on the map as a motivational copywriter, but it also generated millions of dollars in consulting fees and royalty jobs because of its success. When you read it, you’ll see how you, too, can add this same “you can do it” motivational tone to your sales letters, landing pages, and webinars.

In The 24-Hour Cash Flow Miracle, you’ll see how I use my USP to…

Sell the golden dream of wealth and riches
Show readers how to turn their own knowledge into $10,000, $20,000, even as much as $30,000 a month
Brought in personal testimonials that not only attest to my abilities but also reveal my past readers’ successes
Get paid like the Beatles long after my working days are over
Created a rock-solid, no-risk, money-back guarantee that had readers doing a swan dive to the order form
As you’ll see, it is one of my best examples of using “golden dream of wealth and riches” to move readers to do a swan dive to the order form.

I don’t mention this to boast, but this one promotion simply killed it, outselling The New Science of Getting What You Want by a country mile–all because it tapped directly into the thoughts, wishes, and desires of the greatest number of Americans–to make money easily and effortlessly. The 24-Hour Cash Flow Miracle proved it!

In The Quantum Wealth System, you’ll see how I leverage my other books for even greater success–using the same $1 Million Copywriting Formula, including how I…

Challenge the reader with a FREE offer to make $10,000 a month
Show that anyone can make $10,000 working from home, as people do now–in as little as three hours per day!
Continue to bring in testimonials to show the kind of money my followers have made
Fill the letter with dozens of “reason why” arguments that prove this system works
Reveal how simply by following it you can change your life for the better forever
Paint the dream of wealth and riches through a series of effective bullet points–all made so easy a kindergartner could follow them
Give away $1,500 in “starter bonuses” the reader can keep even if they cancel
In it, you’ll see how I integrate a no-risk money-back guarantee throughout. Best of all. This promo was MONEY for me for 12 months!

And that’s not even half of what you’ll discover in my motivation and personal development samples…

In The Ultimate License to Print Money, you’ll see how I take the successful money challenge you’ll find in Quantum Wealth System to the next level.

You’ll discover how I…

Drive home the FREE TRIAL aspect of this incredible money-making book offer
Tap directly into the thoughts, wishes, and dreams of Americans to make money simply and easily
Blend in testimonials in a way that continues to tell the story
Break down the mechanism of the “license to print” money concept line by line
Tell my own story about how I used this same system to become a $1 million copywriter, with example after example
In other words, I not only became a living example of monetizing my knowledge but showed the money and profits others have enjoyed. You’ll see how you can do the same thing too.

In The Recurring Riches System, you’ll see how I combined the successes of past promotions into this upsell money-making system.

You’ll discover how I…

Target the dream of wealth and riches
Make making money as easy as rubbing your two fingers together
Build in real-life examples from past promotions
Explain the mechanism of how the system works
Show readers how to monetize their knowledge
Include FREE bonuses that make the cost of the program priceless
In it, you’ll see how explaining how the profit mechanism works to prove to readers that this system will make readers money. So powerful, you may try to buy one at Amazon.

In my How to Sell Yourself as a Copywriter one-on-one coaching program, you’ll see many of the same sales techniques in my books brought to life in a $3,500 offer.

In it you’ll see how I…

Use the hero’s journey again to target up-and-coming copywriters
Tap directly into copywriter’s BIGGEST frustrations and pain points–finding work
Provide realistic solutions readers can identify throughout the entire piece
Include client testimonials from the world’s top marketers
Limit the number of clients I can take on to create a supply/demand squeeze
Break down the benefits of my coaching in a way that makes it feel “almost free”
Include an unheard-of 100% guarantee on coaching that makes signing up almost automatic
More than anything, you’ll learn as a copywriter the big money is yours for the taking–once you can master the simple art of persuasion that I outline in this highly successful program.

In my Million-Dollar Copywriting Formula Coaching Program, you’ll see how I…

Fuse together my winningest, market-proven ideas into a powerful sales pitch for my $5,000 coaching course
Layer on the benefits and the specifics
Make your copy irresistible by adding the often-forgotten credibility elements
Transition from one idea to another in a way that makes total sense to the reader
Create a compelling offer that you can copy that will have your readers doing a swan dive to the order form!


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