Square Secrets Business By Paige Brunton – Free Download Course

Square Secrets Business By Paige Brunton - Free Download Course


Square Secrets Business By Paige Brunton – Free Download Course SS EG LTO PIF


Get full instant access to Square Secrets Busines,  your complete web design business blueprint!


✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Paige Brunton

✅ Official Course Price: $2000

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 24.59 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

✅ Sales Page : You can check at the bottom of this page.



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Training:


Create a client-winning portfolio that is actually a reflection of the clients they dream of serving

Change their prices, packages, and messaging to appeal to their exact ideal client, instead of feeling like they are always attracting people who aren’t a good fit or don’t have real budgets

Develop a solid marketing strategy, tailored to their own personality and life, for consistently bringing in clients in the short and long term

Design a totally unique, streamlined web design process that works for THEM, but that their clients also love and rave about to other potential clients

Set up better systems and processes so that all the little BTS tasks could start to run on autopilot

Get legit contracts and financial tracking systems in place, and know they have everything they need to protect their business, and keep the legal and tax folks happy!


Course Curriculum:



Module 1: Client Conversion Formula

In this module, you learn how to:

Select SEO (search engine optimization) terms

Create website goals

Build your website journey

Find inspiration websites and use them without copying

Module 2: Template Picking Blueprint
In this module, you learn how to pick the right template based on features and function (not needed for Squarespace 7.1)

Module 3: Content Gathering Guide
In this module, you learn how to:

Collect professional and high quality photos for your website

Create a clear and strategic one-liner that will go at the top of your website

Create footer content

Write your website copy for maximum impact

Module 4: Design Best Practices
In this module, you learn:

Website design best practices so your website looks like the farthest thing from DIY

How to convert website visitors into subscribers and clients

Real life website examples

Module 5: Squarespace for Beginners
In this module, you learn how to:

Create your account and set up your fonts and colors

Use blocks and create pages

Design your footer and navigation

Create opt-in pages and pop ups

Set up a blog and understand how to use the blogging features

Note: When I took her course, it was created for Squarespace 7.0 and she has since updated to reflect the new version – Squarespace 7.1.

Module 6: Squarespace Secrets
In this module, you learn how to:

Use index pages and understand why they’re super impactful to use

Use summary and gallery block hacks for fun design layouts

Automate scheduling consult calls

Use Zapier to connect different programs

Create a fake sidebar

Add “jump-to” anchor links

Module 7: SEO
In this module, you learn how to:

Implement SEO on your website

Beat out the competition in the Google search rankings

Connect your site to Google Analytics

Module 8: Launch Prep
In this module, you learn how to:

Tweak your website for mobile and tablet view

Connect social media platforms + add a favicon and logo

Check your website for all the necessary functionality before going live

Connect your domain

Make your website GDPR friendly

There’s a bunch of awesome bonuses that are included in the course:

Ideal client psychology training so you can step into your ideal clients’ head and gather data before building out the website

Client-winning testimonial training so you can collect the best words of praise to display on your website

Q&A call recordings so you can watch past sessions and listen in on common questions

Opt-in gift design and delivery training so you can seamlessly grow your email list with a freebie/lead magnet

How to design site graphics training so you can make your website more visually appealing and easier to digest


We also have the full course from the previous Square Secrets 7.0 course:


Business foundations
Want to know what sets successful designers apart from the ones who find themselves small and struggling even after years of trying to make their business work?

The foundations!

And there’s two ways to learn these foundations. You can…

Spend the first 3-5 years of your business test driving a whole bunch of strategies just hoping one sticks and you can finally start profiting from this rather expensive hobby you have.🤞


Grab your bevvy of choice, snuggle up on the sofa with module one of Square Secrets Business™, and start applying what you’ve learned right from DAY ONE.

What you really need to know about picking a niche and differentiating yourself in the Squarespace world

How to create a killer portfolio, even if you haven’t had any clients yet!

Strategic portfolio building that attracts the exact type of clients you want

How to design a completely customized web design process that serves both your clients and works around your life

How to create packages that fit both with your area of genius and your clients’ needs perfectly

The exact formula to price your services for both the value you provide and to support your life and business

Finding Clients
Pretty hard to build a profitable design business without paying clients, right?

But it’s probably the #1 struggle I hear on repeat in my inbox…

“Paige, where are all these dreamy clients with real budgets everyone is always talking about!? I feel like I have to beg people to work with me, and even then I’m working for peanuts!”
If you don’t want to get stuck in a cycle of working for free and saying yes to projects you hate, just to pay the bills, then Module 2 is your jam!

All those guest experts I introduced earlier? They are spilling the beans on how they were able to quickly book out their businesses, like the Great X Courses podcasts, all while charging legit designer rates, and only saying yes to clients they were actually passionate about serving!

And the best part? No two client-attracting strategies they share are the same.

So you can truly hand-pick the client-finding method that feels like you, and learn the best practices for using that specific strategy to start attracting the exact type of person you are hoping to work with.

What you really need to know about short-term strategies to get clients now and long-term strategies for getting clients to come to you consistently over time

The pros and cons of common marketing strategies

How to pick the one strategy for landing clients that serves your unique life situation and talents

Guest expert interviews with the biggest names in Squarespace web design + online business on exactly what their marketing strategies that have them booked out are, and how you can replicate their success

Locking Down Sales
Sales? Ew.

You run a web design business. Not some shady used-car lot. 😬

But now that you’re a pro marketer (thanks to everything you just devoured in Module 2 💁‍♀️), you’re going to need a way to seal the deal, and convince clients to hand their money over to you, a complete stranger on the internet.

The good news?

It doesn’t have to feel icky. And there’s no need to play email tag for weeks to get your dream clients to commit.

It’s possible to genuinely connect with your potential clients, AND give them the push they need to book your services that same day.

My exact rinse and repeat process for holding free consult calls that book clients and the questions you need to ask right away to save yourself serious headaches down the road

The red flags to look out for on a consult call to save yourself from working with the cray cray clients

You landed a client, YAY! … Now what?! Exactly the steps to take once your potential client says ‘yes!’

The tech of collecting payments and signing contracts lightening fast, so you never lose a sale because of a clunky system

The one magical file you need to send to make your client think ‘darn, I made a great decision!’ and keep your project on track

A behind-the-scenes look at how to use a CRM (Client Relationship Management) tool to automate this entire sales process

Designing sites for clients
Oh, you know how to build a website?

Cool. So do 3.79 million other Squarespace users!

So what sets you apart from the sea of competition, and has past clients excitedly sending word-of-mouth referrals your way?

Your customer service. (A.K.A The client process!)

Yep, if you’re going to charge premium prices for your packages, your process must be S-E-A-M-L-E-S-S.

And the only way to pull this off consistently is to stop winging it, and to create a highly customized, rock-solid repeatable process that you use in the same way with each and every client! 👍

Ready to build your own signature process?

Exactly how to collect content and onboard your client, including the steps and tech to make it all happen as simply and quickly as possible

How to tweak the web design process when designing for clients as opposed to yourself

The practical tech considerations you need to make when creating sites for others (accounts, logins and passwords, picking plans, etc.)

How to set boundaries and collect client feedback in a way that doesn’t make you crazy

A behind-the-scenes look at an off-boarding process which makes your client feel cared for, eliminates back and forth emails and gets you an on-time final payment

The vital key steps you need to take to keep your project on schedule and complete it on time, every time.

Long-term business success
When you start your own web design business, you might be surprised to learn just how little time you’ll spend on actual designing.

There are roughly 1,000,001 other tasks that need to happen in order to keep the lights on in business, all of which fall on you (at least until you make your first hire which, surprise! I also cover in the course!)

If you are going to balance it all, you:

A) need to know what those BTS tasks even are…

B) need to know how to balance them in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout and just straight-up hating your business

So, besides teaching you the strategies that will get your business up and running like yesterday, I’ll also be sharing everything you need to know to sustain and enjoy it for the long haul!

How will module 5 help you avoid burnout (and bankruptcy) in your business?

Done-for-you templates and repeatable processes so you can do less busy work and more design work!

A plug and play finance tracking system so you always know your numbers and don’t have a panic attack come tax time

Exactly how to pay yourself a consistent salary even when your business income is all over the place

Designing your week to balance design work, marketing tasks, internal projects and business tasks, while still leaving room for a life you love!

Legal & taxes
Possibly the most overwhelming part of starting your new business, and really just adulting in general, is figuring out the fine print.

Now, fingers crossed nothing ever goes amiss in your business…

But I’ve seen some pretty crazy 💩 go down in online business, so I wouldn’t feel right sending you off into the world without knowing the full story.

So think of module 6 as the best way to bubble wrap and protect your new business from head-to-toe!

The two vital things you really need to do from day 1 of starting your business

The bits you definitely want to cover in your client contract

Business insurance. What it is and why it’s a good idea

Everything you need to know about and prepare for tax-time

How to get help from the legal and tax experts who understand creative, online businesses – for free!

I want to sell Squarespace Templates…will Square Secrets Business teach me how?
After taking the courses and fully booking out their services, a lot of students have made it their goal to add an additional revenue stream to their business.

A new bonus course teaching them how to take their current Squarespace designs and turn them into a passive income product to sell on autopilot!



Exactly how Squarespace templates are built & delivered to customers automatically (it’s completely different from any other web design platform!)

How to prepare your template to be sold on your shop

How to enable potential customers to view your template (demo site, screenshots & mockups)

How to list your template for sale in your shop & the tech of delivering it to your customers

What to include on your template shop page listing

Q+A with attorney Paige Hulse about legally using photos in your template demo

Currently, this course is only available inside Square Secrets Business.

Does Square Secrets Business come with any other bonuses?
Glad you asked! Here’s everything you didn’t even know you needed to totally kill it with your design business!


Want my thoughts directly? Submit a question and I’ll answer it on our upcoming live Q+A call!

You can join live and chat along with me in the comments or catch the replay when it’s works for you!

Plus, thanks to it being a group setting, you’ll be hearing answers to important questions that you never would have thought to ask!

Join us in our monthly coaching calls, and you’ll never feel lost and alone again.

No sense re-inventing the wheel for every single document you reach for on repeat in your business!

Get access to all my proven templates, as well as my best tips for customizing them to fit your unique brand and business!

InDesign Client Welcome Package

InDesign Client Post-Launch Package

10 essential email & CRM scripts

Asana 2-Week-Website start-finish client process

P.S. Not an Adobe InDesign user? Request a PDF version of my templates and recreate them using your fav software instead!

Every wonder how some designers easily book clients at 5k or even 8k?

I’m sharing the simple changes I made that enabled me to completely elevate my brand, and start landing premium-priced projects on the regular!

Building A Brand That Attracts Premium Clients Guide

The Ultimate Photoshoot Guide

Hiring and outsourcing can be a total game changer, but when you’re used to being a one-woman show, making that first hire can be pretty overwhelming.


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You can find more details about the course according to the sales page.


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