SEO Tactics Book By Kyle Roof – Free Download + Tutorial Videos & SEO Checklist

SEO Tactics Book By Kyle Roof - Free Download Course + Tutorial Videos + SEO Checklist


SEO Tactics Book By Kyle Roof – Free Download Course + Tutorial Videos + SEO Checklist


Imagine being on the top of Google and having your cash register ring with new leads, sales, commissions every single day. That’s what you’re gonna learn here!



✅ About This Bundle:


✅ Book Author: Kyle Roof

✅ Official Book Price: $17

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

✅ Sales Page : You can check at the bottom of this page.



SEO Tactics Book By Kyle Roof - Free Download Course + Tutorial Videos + SEO Checklist



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Training:


No fluff, no theory. Only battle-tested SEO & CRO tips


6️⃣9️⃣ TACTICS
Get a ton of tactics that cover all aspects of SEO from on-page to affiliate conversions


All the tactics have been curated to either boost traffic or sales


Use your own site. Find out your easy on-page wins for more traffic without begging for backlinks


Contains tips on how to leverage A.I. for SEO


👨‍🏫 EEAT
Find out exactly what it takes to signal to Google that you have the expertise to rank


You don’t need to create new content. Chances are you already have plenty of opportunity to rank as-is. Follow the tips to find out how


Don’t build links until you find out exactly the steps to keep your site safe from the Google banhammer


Biting your nails waiting for what evil plans Google has in store for your site? How you can increase your profits AND rely less on Google


Traffic isn’t everything. Find out exactly how to make the cash register ring with conversion tips from a CRO expert


Avoid homepage, on-page, URL & link-building mistakes! Find out exactly what NOT to do in order to keep your site’s traffic on the up & up.


Find out two things you can do to your affiliate articles to double or even triple your commissions quickly. Hint: It has to do with increasing clicks!





Below is all of the amazing SEO tips you’ll find inside. The lightning icon means that the tip can be done
within 30 minutes. The robot icon means it uses ChatGPT (The free version)!


⚡: Done in 30 mins of less ||||| 🤖: ChatGPT tactic
⚡ 01: Should you focus on on-page or off-page? Here’s how to know
⚡ 02: How to figure out if you need another page for a synonym
⚡ 03: The easy way to fix duplicate content issues
⚡ 04: Exactly what to do if you are outranking your main page
⚡🤖 05: Get more traffic without creating new content
✅ 06: The lucrative keywords everyone ignores
✅ 07: Ignore these 3 fundamentals at your peril
⚡ 08: Should you split your page or consolidate? The litmus test
✅ 09: How to spot keywords you are virtually guaranteed to rank for
🤖 10: The simple way to get a treasure trove of content ideas
🤖 11: How to easily spot the content gaps your site is missing
✅ 12: What never to do when building your website
✅ 13: How to make your users build your SEO fortress
✅ 14: Exactly what to do if your traffic starts slipping
⚡ 15: Are you wasting your SEO efforts? Here’s how to know
⚡16: Easy to win, relevant keywords when you do this
✅ 17: How to maximize your traffic with these keywords
✅ 18: What never to do with 404s
✅ 19: How to design your homepage for maximum SEO effect
🤖 20: This is what you do to gain quick momentum with new sites
✅ 21: 5 principles for safe link-building
✅ 22: What never EVER to do with your URLS
⚡ 23: How to use outbound links for conversion wins
🤖 24: This type of content attracts both clicks and links
🤖 25: How to own the browser of your users
✅ 26: The interlinking strategy to boost your pages
✅ 27: 3 principles to safely link to affiliate programs
✅ 28: First thing to do when being offered do-follow links
🤖 29: How to leverage this invisible search engine
✅ 30: What to do when link-building (So simple)
⚡ 31: How to optimize your anchor texts for maximum impact
✅ 32: Leveraging EEAT the smart way
✅ 33: The best way to really put forth that you are “real”
✅ 34: How to speak Google’s native language to get traffic
⚡35: Co-Citations won’t work…unless you do this
⚡ 36: Got writers for your site? Make sure to do this
⚡ 37: The easy fix to most conversion issues
✅ 38: The hidden Google search engine you aren’t optimizing for
⚡ 39: Users not clicking on your button? The simple fix
✅ 40: The secret designers know that SEOs don’t
✅ 41: The 211 year old secret to content that gets read and acted on
⚡ 42: How to virtually “force” your users to read your content
⚡ 43: Why nobody clicks on your buttons and what to do about it
⚡44: Instantly increase your affiliate Click through rates
⚡45: The section missing from your “top 10” affiliate articles
⚡46: Why your featured image might be costing you money
⚡47: The 5 minute fix to boosting your site speed 30%
⚡48: How to revert WordPress plugin bloat on your site
🤖 49: Headline hack: The easy way to get more clicks from Google
🤖 50: The other easy way to get more clicks from Google
⚡51: How your mobile menu might me costing your conversions
⚡52: Dependent on calls? Here’s an easy win many miss
🤖 53: How to remove dependence on Google
🤖 54: Making the most of users leaving your site
✅ 55: How to get a flood of email optins
✅ 56: Easy to spot conversion cracks, ask WWUD
⚡🤖 57: The quick and dirty way to a topical map
🤖 58: How to create a content conveyor belt to dominate the SERPs
⚡59: How to check for interest when SEO tools fail
🤖 60: Growing traffic by stealing from yourself
🤖 61: Got writers? How to leverage them more with AI
🤖 62: You might never rank these, but your site NEEDS these pages
✅ 63: Why being greedy can cost your your traffic
🤖 64: More problems, more money. Here’s how
✅ 65: How to beat SEO overwhelm
🤖 66: Here’s an easy income pocket you can add to any site
✅ 67: Even more profit pockets you can add to your site
⚡68: The trick to hiring high-quality freelancers
⚡69: Two words that will increase your profits


SEO Tactics Book By Kyle Roof - Free Download Course + Tutorial Videos + SEO Checklist


Inside SEO Tactics, you get:


✅ Tried and true tactics from in-the-trenches, working SEOs
✅ Vetted by expert SEOs
✅ Most can be done in less than 30 minutes
✅ Many can be done by ChatGPT for free
✅ Originally found in courses that would run you thousands of dollars







By now you understand that SEO Tactics is all about getting quick results. What can get you to more traffic and revenue even faster? A checklist.

We’ve compiled every single juicy hack into an easy to implement checklist to make sure you get the most out of your site




After running 400+ SEO tests for 5 years, Kyle discovered exactly what makes Google tick. As a bonus to SEO tactics, you’ll get 3 SEO tutorials where Kyle shows you exactly what to do to rank higher and for more keywords.

There’s also 9 more tutorials on the mindset for SEOs, the Website Profit Formula, Safe link-building, How to do a content audit & more. All of these exclusive and actionable tutorials are normally only available in gated courses that run for thousands of dollars.



✅ Great X Courses Guarantee : At Great X Courses, we insist in providing high quality courses, with direct download links (no paid links or torrents). What you see is exactly what you get, no bad surprises or traps. We update our content as much as possible, to stay up to date with the latest courses updates.


For more info about this book, check out the sales page.


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