Research Beast Course By Kim Krause Schwalm – Free Download

Research Beast Course By Kim Krause Schwalm - Free Download B.E.A.S.T.


Research Beast Course By Kim Krause Schwalm – Free Download B.E.A.S.T.


Research Beast will give you an efficient, proven, and powerfully effective six-step process for doing copywriting research.



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✅ Course Author: Kim Krause Schwalm

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Kim Krause Schwalm



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


You’ll be able to start using all of the training, videos, AI guides, templates, checklists, and examples that are included as soon as you sign up. Because all of the training is delivered digitally, there are no refunds.

Introduction: Six Steps to Becoming a Research Beast So You Can Write Dangerously Good Copy and Get Killer Results

Research Beast Welcome and Overview Video Transcript

Step One: Gather the Nuggets!
Here’s where you’ll discover how to gather all the initial research “nuggets” available to you like an A-Level Research Beast! (The rest you’ll have to dig out on your own… we’ll cover all that in steps two through four…) Watch the video first for an overview and then refer back to the Step One Guide as needed.

Then use The Ultimate Client “Start Kit” Checklist when asking the client for what they’re able to provide as part of your “start kit”. Next, set up a call with the product spokesperson, developer, or “guru” and use The Ultimate Discovery Call Checklist to put together a list of interview questions (be sure to record the call and get it transcribed as well).

Once you complete everything in Step One, you’ll be well on your way to gathering all the nuggets you need to create the best positioning angle to resonate with your target customer.

Step Two: Get Crystal-Clear On Who You’re Writing To
Now that you’ve gathered enough research nuggets, it’s time to move on to the next step: getting crystal-clear on who you’re writing to.

In this module, you’ll discover the same Research Beast process I’ve used myself and teach my copywriting mentees for putting together a complete picture of the target prospect or avatar. You’ll want to go through all of the Step Two training… and then complete The Prism Exercise using the template provided (along with real-life examples you can refer to).

I’ve even included a “look over my shoulder” video where I take the avatar research I’ve pulled together for a sinus supplement promotion, and do the Prism Exercise while you watch. It’s a real-life demonstration on how you can do the same exercise in as little as half an hour!

By the end of Step Two, you should have a vivid picture in your mind of who your target prospect or avatar are… what their biggest hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations are… and what dominant emotions they associate with the problem or pain point you product or service addresses, as well as the salvation or relief it promises.

Step Three: Dig Out What’s Special About Your Product or Service
Here’s where the rubber meets the road! In this module, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and REALLY dig deep into what’s special or unique about your product or service.

We’ll go beyond the usual “two-step” features and benefits exercise to using a 5-step features and benefits exercise. Why those 3 extra steps?

Because it gives you far more insights, proof points, and copy fodder you can use later on to convince your prospect to buy–both intellectually and emotionally. Just wait until you go through this crucial step of the Research Beast process… you’ll be amazed at what comes out of it!

Step Four: Find the Unique Mechanism
Now that you’ve gone through the 5-Step Features and Benefits Exercise, you’re ready for this next step: finding that “unique mechanism” in your product or service.

The unique mechanism is that differentiator that lets the most jaded prospects believe YOUR product or service will work for them when others before them failed. This module will give you the tools and methods to help you do just that!

You’ll also discover how to identify the stage of your prospect’s awareness and market sophistication… and why both are crucial to crafting your “big idea” and copy.

Step Five: The Crucial Step Most Copywriters Skip Completely!
Now that you’ve gathered the “nuggets”… gotten crystal-clear on who you’re writing to… made a complete list of features and benefits and dimensonalized them… identified the unique mechanism as well as the stage of awareness and market sophistication… you’re ready for this NEXT crucial step. Yet most copywriters give it short shrift or skip it completely. Open up your Step 5 Complete Guide to find out what it is and get started!

Step Six: Come Up with the “Big Idea” and Develop Your Copy Platform and Outline
Coming up with a “big idea” that speaks directly to the prospect, grabs their attention, and stands out from the sea of competitors is more important than ever in today’s saturated markets. But the good news is, by going through each of my previous Research Beast steps so far, you’re ready for this last crucial step before you start writing.

This module gives you the training, tools, and examples you need to harness the ideas, information, and insights you’ve pulled together so far… and distill everything into a summarized version or picture of what your promo will look like.

You’ll be able to put together a “Copy Platform and Outline” like a seasoned pro, get buy-in from your client before you spend days or weeks toiling away, and make the actual writing process faster and far less painless.

Most important of all, the end result will be a more compelling, tighter, persuasive sales promo or ad that’s much more likely to generate increased sales and conversions!

BONUS Q&A Call with Kim Krause Schwalm
In this one-hour Q&A call, Kim provides an overview of each of the six steps in her Research Beast process and why she included it… shares one of the hardest research lessons she learned early on… reveals her best tips for avoiding endless “rabbit holes” and saving time digging up the very best studies and proofs… talks about where to locate hard-to-find studies for skin care… provides advice on figuring out the right price to quote so you avoid undercharging… and much more!

BONUS Workshop with Sam Woods and Kim Krause Schwalm — Using AI for Research and Copy Ideas
In this follow-up workshop to Sam Wood’s 3-part AI Copywriting workshops in January 2023, Kim gets Sam’s expert input on using Chat GPT with her Research Beast process. Sam and Kim demonstrate how to generate different copy ideas and angles from an existing control promo. They then show you how to use AI in conjunction with the PRISM exercise as well as with defining a unique mechanism. A full half-hour is spent at the end answering questions.



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