Rainmaker Email Mastery By Csaba Borzasi – Free Download Course

Rainmaker Email Mastery By Csaba Borzasi - Free Download Course


Rainmaker Email Mastery By Csaba Borzási – Free Download Course Game Of Conversions




✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Csaba Borzasi

✅ Official Course Price: $297

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 18.96 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:



The Essential Fundamentals of High-Converting Emails
Rainmaker Email Mastery: Module 1 – The Essential Fundamentals of High-Converting Emails
At the end of this module, you’ll have razor-sharp clarity about what email marketing really is, and the fundamentals of this lucrative craft.

You’ll also be able to pinpoint your exact ideal customer avatar among a sea of unqualified people – AND uncover their deepest pains, fears, hopes, & dreams.


The Untapped Power of Email Marketing and Your Email List
Arm yourself with a down-to-earth explanation on why email marketing is still the uncontested KING of marketing channels, and how to easily make it work for you without breaking a sweat
Watch as I unravel 6 compelling reasons as to why now’s is actually the BEST time to go all in with email marketing, even if you think it’s ‘too late for that’ (hint: it’s not!)
Discover the surprising but game-changing difference between emails that convert for real… VS. emails that fail miserably (skip this step and you’ll be in for a nasty surprise…)
Take the guesswork out of planning your campaign by uncovering the 3 foundational best practices of EVERY successful email – so that you know exactly if you’re on the right track or not


The Psychology of Selling with Email
Discover the counter-intuitive reason behind why you don’t always have to sell hard – taking off the pressure of ‘selling’ AND making your campaigns 10 times more effective with less effort
Ethically persuade anyone to take action right now, by mastering 6 crazy-effective psychological sales triggers – PERFECT for emails – and backed by the latest scientific research
Use these triggers to make people jump at your offer, buy in larger volume, and then come back to buy AGAIN with greater frequency and unshakable loyalty to your brand
Take whatever you’re offering from ‘nice’… to… ‘OMG I want that right now!’, by using a secret psychological ‘loophole’ in your reader’s mind that will skyrocket your appeal almost instantly
Boost your customer loyalty and quickly gather raving fans for life by implementing the ‘Strategy of Preeminence’ into your business, elevating you FAR above your competition


How to Uncover the True Wants & Needs of Your Ideal Customer
Save yourself thousands of dollars and tons of frustration by discovering the real reason why you shouldn’t just jump immediately into writing emails (and what you should do instead!)
Banish EVERY last drop of uncertainty behind your campaigns by taking a crash course in the often-overlooked but extremely powerful tool of successful marketing: Customer research
Create your own ideal customer avatar in just 5 minutes, using my ‘Dead simple avatar creation formula’ so you know exactly who should write to (and who to ignore like the plague)
Gain the skill to easily uncover your ideal customer’s core buying behaviors – and write a sales message that triggers their deepest hopes & desires with hard-hitting copy that SELLS
Use my ‘Triangle of Buying Behavior’ framework to further refine these core buying behaviors – giving you unrestricted access to your ideal customer’s deepest emotional drives
Discover a weird but surprisingly effective mental concept called ‘The Rule of One’ that – when applied – will turn each sales message you write into a moving experience for your reader



Email Inception
Rainmaker Email Mastery Module 2: Email Inception
At the end of this module, you’ll have your own rainmaker email written – from start to finish – ready to be copy-pasted into your email software, including copywriting that persuades, without being shady!

You’ll also gain access to game-changing tools that take the uncertainty out of crafting consistently profitable emails – and make your life much, much easier.


The Anatomy of a High-Converting Email
Gain rock-solid confidence and say goodbye to uncertainty by planning ahead the right way. This virtually guarantees the success of every email you send, no matter the type or niche
Learn to play by ‘the Big Boys rules’ – fundamental principles of email conversion that none of the successful business owners dare to break (because they work like a charm, even in 2018)
Gain insider access to the lesser-known ‘DNA’ of a High Converting Email – the secret genetic code that gives life to apex emails with the power of 800-pound gorillas for your business
Drastically cut down the time it takes to plan a campaign, by front-loading 80% of the work before you ever write a single word (I’ll show you how to do it RIGHT & make it repeatable)
Acquire the ability to design the high-level specifics of a kickass email in just 4 minutes, with the powerful & easily repeatable ‘3-Step Email Design Process’ that cuts down your efforts


Demystifying ‘Subject lines’ and ‘From lines’
Discover a surprising new trend that throws everything you’ve ever known about subject lines out the window – & gives you the power to 10X your intrigue factor so people can’t NOT open
Drastically cut down your spam score and boost your reputation by optimizing your ‘From lines’ so they seem friendly & inviting (subject lines get all the love but these are JUST as critical)
Go from abysmal open rates to unignorable mailbox dominator within 10 mins, even if you can barely write your grocery list, with my ‘3-Step Process’ to writing captivating subject lines
Steal my CRAZY collection of over 100+ ‘fill-in-the-blank’ subject line formulas and over 500+ swipes so you never have to write from scratch (just pick a formula, use it, and see results!)


My Step-by-step Formula for Creating the Perfect Email Body
Banish “blank page syndrome” forever and always feel completely confident in your writing because this lesson is ALL about empowering you with practical tools that make writing EZ
Steal the Mega-valuable ‘Perfect Email Body Framework’ – tested & perfect over the years in countless industries – that turns the actual act of writing an email into child’s play
Learn how to easily take your readers on an emotional joyride that acts as a slippery slope, so at the end of this journey they’ll be eager to buy whatever you’re offering – no questions asked
Discover several cash-multiplying secrets that few people know about, yet when applied, they immediately boost a regular boring email into a true rainmaker email that people RAVE about
Join me behind the scenes as I dissect 6 Powerful hook archetypes that virtually guarantee engaging emotional connection with your reader (plus 8 extra ‘product’ hooks… just in case!)
Understand why AIDA, the most popular copywriting formula works and how to use it properly. Great! And once you’re done, allow me to introduce the new ‘cool kid on the block’: PASOP



10X Your Sales Emails
Rainmaker Email Mastery: Module 3 – 10X Your Sales Emails
At this point, you’re already ahead of 90% of your competition. However, this module will give you the edge to master that last 10% and catapult you to the top!

You’ll have all the pieces finally put together to double (if not TRIPLE) the effectiveness of every single email campaign you send from now on.


In the Trenches – Examples of Rockstar Sales Emails in Real Life
Watch me ‘over-my-shoulder’ as I dissect 3 six-figure emails written by the best in the business: a kickass sales-, an affiliate promotion-, and an urgency email (+ 4 more in the vault!)
Gain exclusive insights into how to demolish your competition and eat their lunch using hidden tactics that very few email experts know about (this is some REAL next-level stuff!)
See real-world examples of the techniques you’ve mastered up until this point, and marvel as these master copywriters use the exact same concepts in action to mind-boggling effect


6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and Why Your Open Rates Suck
Discover the missing link between your titanic efforts and where the real money is (HINT: It’s NOT what you think and after watching this video, you’ll scream: “It can’t be this easy!”)
Gain unshakable confidence and unprecedented control in your email crafting abilities by knowing exactly what to look out for, how to maximize your effectiveness, and how to fix issues
Use my extensive, 19-point copywriting checklist to completely melt your prospect’s eventual objections and quickly bring them over to “your side” – without actually manipulating them
Convert more of your readers into regular buyers, happily willing to pay you higher prices than ever, and rave about you to ALL of their friends – giving you valuable free promotion
Put a final end to low open rates & click-through rates, and weed out any imperfections in your emails that might otherwise embarrass you, destroy your credibility, or even kill your sales


Advanced Hacks to take Your Emails to the Next Level
Gain an extensive toolbox filled with powerful assets that will boost your click-through rates above the stratosphere, so you automatically convert casual readers into eager BUYERS
Learn how to use more advanced laws of psychology to further increase your effectiveness (based on a vast universe of scientific research that direct marketers have blithely ignored!)
Discover the next-level ‘CPTS technique’ borrowed straight from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to physically “hack” your reader’s brain & compel them to take action pronto
Uncover an often-overlooked but extremely powerful ‘Battlefield Principle’ technique that’s surgically designed to grab your reader’s attention by the balls and make their blood boil
Steal my HUGE collection of 500 high emotion words that I use every single day to pump up my copy’s energy to 120% and easily add that extra ‘sizzle’ (so you can write bullets just like these!)





These workbooks are filled with curated best practices and are specifically designed to give you an edge over anyone else – while drastically cutting down the time it takes to master the powerful insights within Rainmaker Email Mastery.



40 fill-in-the-blanks email templates
Use these proven templates to send a plethora of high-converting emails in just 5 minutes, regardless of your niche. You’ll find winning formulas for ecommerce, digital products, consulting, yearly special occasions, and even a FULL ‘plug-n-play’ 7-day campaign to sell any digital product!




Go from ‘No clue at all’ to ‘Well, that was easy!‘ in just a few short minutes… impressing everybody with your face-meltingly effective subject lines that convert like crazy (in fact, people will start asking you for YOUR help to coach them with subject lines!)


Simplify your life with this comprehensive list, packed with over half a THOUSAND blood-pumping words that shock people out of their zombie state and make them listen to what you’re saying – turning your sales message from ‘meh’ to ‘OMG, shut up and take my money now!’


Discover exactly how a true rainmaker email is built with this extremely in-depth 30-min case study that reveals how a SINGLE email catapulted a Kickstarter project to get funded in excess of $102,000 and exceed original expectations by 2.5X!


Get 7 juicy examples of real-life rockstar emails that all pulled in above six figures EACH – and gain the valuable insights of the best copywriting minds in the online business space


Gain 27 advanced hacks that – when implemented – will massively boost your open rates & click-through rates, and empower you with absolute confidence regarding each email you send (once you start using this seriously effective checklist, emailing becomes 10 times easier!)


Get a SOLID recommendation of 18 of the most powerful email marketing tools currently on the planet internet, all designed to help you grow faster, easier, and with bigger profits. I’ve seen these tools in real life and can personally attest to their incredible revenue-generating power!


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