Tier One Consulting Accelerator By Michael Breen – Free Download

Tier One Consulting Accelerator By Michael Breen - Free Download


Tier One Consulting Accelerator By Michael Breen – Free Download Course – NLP Times


You’ll get full acces to Tier One Consulting, our live 8-week training and mentoring program for leaders, professionals and freelance consultants who want to learn how to think, communicate and act like a world-class consultant!



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✅ Course Author: Michael Breen

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Tier One Consulting Accelerator By Michael Breen - Free Download


🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


Over 8 Modules You’ll Learn The Key Skills Used By Elite Consultants, Starting With:


Module 1:

The Art and Practice of Consulting

Tier 1 consulting is much more than solving clients’ problems. It is about creating and delivering distinctive impact. Impact that creates significant and long term value for your clients..

In module 1 Michael introduces you to tier one consulting and helps professionals and seasoned experts quickly get to grips with what world class consultants do, why the profession exists and key mindsets to adopt so you can quickly internalise what it means to be a top consultant.

You’ll discover:

What a consultant really do

What it means to be a tier one consultant…

The real reasons why clients hire consultants and which reasons you need to watch out for if you want a smooth engagement with a client

What succeeding as a consultant is all about that many seasoned professionals and consultants miss

Why consulting is much more than the usual blend of jargon you’ll read online i.e. it’s all about being MECE, a hypothesis driven problem solver etc.

Why it so important to be crystal clear from the outset what the client is actually bringing you in to do, which they may not admit, at first…

Plus so much more

Module 2:

Thinking Like A Partner

Long term success in consultancy is not merely a matter of analytical skills and organisational knowledge. To stand out and enjoy a long and highly profitable career – you need to be able to think like a partner.

In module 2 Michael Breen pulls you inside the mind of a partner and reveals the key attributes of senior partners, veteran pros who are responsible for generating millions to tens of millions in new business each year.

The 3 key client mindsets every partner holds about their clients

What partners think about that unlock greater value and more opportunities

The long and short term thinking priorities partners focus on to serve their clients, grow their practice and support their colleagues

What every solution must do and what it must not, if you want your interventions to be successful.

What you need to think about to ensure your clients are kept happy and professional growth for your practice occurs

Effective ways to build your firm’s brand (or your own) as expert in the field

Module 3:

Navigating Corporate Politics and Working At Senior Levels

Every organisation and every client operates within a political environment. Whether you are an employee, senior leader or as a hired ‘top gun’ consultant, your ability to get your recommendations accepted and to effect significant change depends on your ability to navigate corporate politics and work with senior leaders. Your success hinges on your ability to influence others and foresee (and resolve) threats before they occur.

In this module, we will delve into the strategies and insights necessary to navigate this intricate terrain, building the skills essential for success in high-stakes environments.

How to powerfully navigate corporate politics and not make enemies

How to map the ‘threat landscape’ so you don’t get blind-sided

How to create a benign conspiracy for change

Why politics is a game, a game you need to be good at

What questions to ask to quickly identify the political ecosystem you must be able to operate in

How to solicit sensitive information from clients in a way that doesn’t cause offence or trigger unwanted political reactions

Which to think through so you can spot threats early and easily…

Sage advice on how to use your political capital and resources to remove roadblocks

Plus much more

Whether you’re seeking to ascend within your company or engage effectively with senior client leadership, this module will empower you to navigate corporate politics with confidence, integrity, and effectiveness.

Module 4:

How to Solve Big Issues & Resolve Problems, Like a Top Consultant

In today’s complex and ever-changing business world, organisations need to be able to solve big problems and resolve issues quickly and effectively. This is where tier one consultants come in. The ability to solve big issues and navigate thorny problems with the finesse is not just a skill; it’s a superpower.

“Problem solving is the core skill for the twenty-first century.” – Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner Emeritus, Mckinsey & Company

In Module 4, Michael delves into one of the most exciting, potent and career changing modules of the entire accelerator, how to solve big issues and resolve problems like a tier 1 consultant.

Elite consultants are known for their penetrative insights, creative problem skills and ability to resolve complex problems masterfully, and in this module, you’ll discover their proven methodologies and strategies to become a tier one problem solver.

Michael reveals, for the very first time, an arsenal of top tier problem solving tools including:

The 6-step problem-solving process used by top consultants

The Resolve 6S Model™ to solve complex problems like a pro every time

How to create clear crisp problem definitions using The Possibility Framework™

How to create hypotheses (and why you need to do this before you are ready)

4 ways to structure problems so you are never stuck on how to attack and get to the heart of your own or your client’s problems

Master the key thinking skills to disaggregate hard problems and frame issues so they are solvable

How to avoid the consultant’s ‘doom loop’

How to structure problems so the solutions becomes actionable

Plus, much, much more

Best of all, the method you will learn works on just about any kind of problem, personal or professional and has been used by elite consultants to solve their client’s toughest problems.

Module 5:

How To Create Solutions Clients Will Use

Having discovered how to frame and take apart complex problems like a top consultant, in Module 5 you’ll learn how to create solutions clients will (and can) actually use and avoid one of the biggest mistakes made by both new and experienced consultants – designing and recommending solutions the client’s organisation can’t implement!

You’ll discover how to sidestep a common pitfall among exceptionally talented and highly intelligent consultants – the tendency to conceptualise the ideal solution without considering whether it aligns with the organisation’s available resources, capabilities, and personnel.

One of the secrets of consulting is the majority of value created for clients doesn’t come from frameworks but how the solution is tailored and in this module Michael shares critical knowledge and essential skills to ensure your solutions fit your clients like a hand sliding into a perfectly fitted glove.

You’ll discover:

The dark side of consulting and the #1 mistake many consultants make when engagements fail to deliver

A very common consulting trap and how to avoid it

Why learning to think more deeply about your client’s capabilities is critical if you want to create roll-out and further business from clients

How to structure, test and iterate your way to robust hypotheses that help you ensure you are resolving your clients actual problems

Discover the process of structuring, testing, and refining your hypotheses to arrive at robust conclusions that ensure you are resolving your addressing your clients’ real challenges.

Module 6:

Sell-In Solutions, Strategically

You have done the right analysis, you have come up with excellent recommendations that are within your client’s capabilities to implement, the next crucial step is knowing how to effectively present these solutions to prompt action.

That’s what we’ll explore in module six, how to sell-in solutions strategically.

The success or failure of any engagement relies on your ability to achieve executive buy-in, leading to action, and then the resources and commitment to follow through and implement recommendations so that significant value is created. How you communicate your recommendations can make or break an engagement. This is where the rubber meets the road.

You’ll learn:

Why consulting is not about being right and what it really is about instead that matters even more…

Which pitfalls to avoid so your recommendations don’t get rejected out of hand

How to plan, prepare and deliver your recommendations so you maximise the opportunity to create a bulletproof argument for action

Should you already present via powerpoint? Get the definitive answer.

What you need to know about your client’s decision making process to dramatically increase in your favour they will act on the solutions your propose

The APN consultancy framework to deliver recommendations that can be acted on

Critical insights about how to package and present to senior leaders and boards that generates buy-in and secures action.

What does it really take to convince the decision-makers to take action

Plus get access to over a 100 real world consultancy presentations from top consultancies so you can see how tier 1 firms structure and deliver winning presentations.

Module 7:

How To Launch Solutions

(So They Are Implemented And Add Significant Value For Your Clients)

In module 7, we delve deep into an often underappreciated aspect of successful top tier consulting – nailing the implementation. If your role or engagement involves responsibility for implementing the recommendations from your analysis, it’s not enough to acquire senior leader or even board level sign off. You need to garner the support from the people on the ground – the people affected by your change.

Without adequate engagement and support, projects small and large frequently fail. That’s why in this module Michael reveals hard-won lessons to help you launch your solutions so a supportive audience.

The three levels of preparation you need to think through to maximise your chances of your recommendations being received and embraced (rather than rejected) by the client organisation.

The 6 factors you need to assess to determine if your project is ready to launch.

How to identify who within the client organisation you should enroll to become part of your launch team.

Early wins: How to think about and manage client communications around the launch so everyone is lock-in-step with the communication plan for the launch

Which risks you need to think through to avoid detractors or opponents to the change undercutting your implementation programme.

What to do before, during and after the launch to win hearts and minds

Module 8:

Communicate Like A Top Consultant

At its essence, consulting is fundamentally a people and relationship management business. No matter how impeccable your analysis or how right your recommendations may be, if you cannot effectively communicate those insights, and secure buy-in from all key stakeholders — your engagement will fall short of of unlocking transformational value for your client.

In our final module, we’ll equip you with invaluable insights and principles to communicate with the finesse of a top consultant – no matter who you are talking to. This is the pivotal skill that is essential to success at every stage of successful consultancy engagements.

In this fast-paced module…

You’ll learn:

Why learning to communicate like a top consultant is so important and such a valuable skill no matter what level or position you are in, in your career

The key to communicating effectively with people at every level

How to ask for data and make requests so you win people to your side

How to request meetings with senior executives

Proven tactics to run effective meetings, at every level

When to present your hypothesis and discuss progress throughout the engagement

What to do and what not to do if you want to quickly be accepted as a ‘safe pair of hands’ and opinion sought after

What you must never do when giving recommendations and presenting hypotheses

Powerful principles for prsenting ideas so they land with impact

How to avoid avoid passive aggressive behaviours and non-compliance when working with blockers within the client’s organisation

How not to blow your influence capital

How to deliver recommendations like a pro

Tips and tricks on how to prepare for pitch meetings, client update meetings, board and steering committee meetings etc.

Plus other expert advice and strategies for communicating like a top consulting pro.



Plus Each Week For 8 Weeks, Michael Breen Will Mentor A Small Select Group LIVE Over Zoom:


Session 1: The Art & Practice of Consulting


Session 2: Thinking Like A Partner


Session 3: Navigating Corporate Politics And Working At Senior Levels.


Session 4: How to Solve Big Issues & Resolve Problems, Like a Top Consultant


Session 5: How To Create Solutions Clients Will Use


Session 6: Selling Solutions, Strategically


Session 7: How To Launch Solutions So They Are Implemented And Add Value For Your Clients


Session 8: Communicate Like A Top Consultant

Tier One Consulting Accelerator By Michael Breen - Free Download





BONUS 1: Consulting Essentials: How To Craft The Client Jacket

BONUS 2: Serving New Clients – How To Get Ready To Serve Clients In New Industries

BONUS 3: Client Mastery: How to Take A Client Brief Like A Pro

& More!


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