Breakthrough Advertising By Eugene Schwartz – Free Download

Breakthrough Advertising By Eugene Schwartz - Free Download


Breakthrough Advertising By Eugene Schwartz – Free Download eBook Course Titans Marketing


Your good fortune, right now, has brought you to a special opportunity.



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✅ Course Author: Eugene Schwartz – Titans Marketing

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Breakthrough Advertising PLUS Mastery By Eugene Schwartz - Free Download



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


PART 1 – The Basic Strategy Of Persuasion

How To Write A Winning Headline That No One Has Ever Written Before
Mass Desire: The Force That Makes Advertising Work – And How To Focus It Onto Your Product
Chapter 1 Reveals:
What you must never, ever, ever ask your copy to do (p. 3)
The real reason products fail (p. 7)
Why every product you sell is really two products…not understanding the details of this is why so many offers fail (p. 9)
Your Prospect’s State of Awareness – How to Capitalize On It When You Write Your Headline
Chapter 2 Reveals:
Why your headline doesn’t need to sell anything (p. 14)
What keeps talented copywriters broke. Real wealth is created when you learn how to sell to THIS level of awareness. Revealed on page 20.
Why simply understanding your prospect’s problem isn’t enough. You have to choose the most effective a______e. See how on page 23.
The Sophistication of Your Market: How Many Products Have Been There Before You?
Chapter 3 Reveals:
Three questions you must answer before you write your headline (p. 37)
How a weight loss company reinvented it’s headline after competitors flooded their market (p. 39)
What every headline MUST include if you have competitors (p. 42)
38 Ways to Strengthen Your Headline Once You Have the Basic Idea
Chapter 4 Reveals:
What to do when you know what to say but you don’t know how to say it. (p. 51)
Why you should write to people who can’t buy your product (p. 57)
What if your claim is TOO good? Do this. (p. 58)
Summary: The Art of Creative Planning – How to Make and Idea Grow
Chapter 5 Reveals:
How businesses routinely promote their competitor’s product without ever realizing it. (p. 60)
Why the copywriter’s primary job is not to write copy. (p. 61)
One of the most potent discoveries of consumer motivation research, once thought to be lost to history and now unearthed. Hope your competitors don’t read this one. (p. 63)
Inside Your Prospect’s Mind – What Makes People Read, Want, Believe
Chapter 6 Reveals:
How long does your copy really need to be and how do you know? Your copy must be long enough to accomplish one simple thing (p. 72)
Why your advertising cannot alter reality for your prospect until you read this sentence on page 74. It begins “Advertising, like science…”

PART 2 – The Seven Basic Techniques Of Breakthrough Advertising

How to Write Body Copy As Strong As Your Headline
The First Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Intensification
Chapter 7 Reveals:
Why your prospects will never believe you until you show them this…and it’s not proof. (p. 86)
Two ways you can quickly expand your market’s desire (p. 96)
The Second Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Identification
Chapter 8 Reveals:
Your product needs a personality. See how to build it starting on page 107.
The real reason your market doesn’t believe you. Hard but important truth on page 119.
The careful art of building prestige upon your product (p. 120)
The Third Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Gradualization
Chapter 9 Reveals:
How to make your prospects believe your claims before you even state them (p. 129)
What you must never ask your prospect to believe (p. 131)
A NEW definition of awareness (p. 134)
The Fourth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Redefinition
Chapter 10 Reveals:
The dead simple method for removing any objection from your product (p. 153)
How to sell products that are hard to use or difficult to apply (p. 158)
Reduce the price by charging more?! (p. 162)
The Fifth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Mechanization
Chapter 11 Reveals:
The three essential consumer demands your copy must address or risk failure (p. 166)
IMPORTANT: Why your Mechanism copy can never become ________ (p. 170)
The smart creative gambles you can make with your copy that can pay off big. But ONLY once you understand what’s on page 173.
The Sixth Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Concentration
Chapter 12 Reveals:
p. 175 → Successful copy never sells a product. It sells this instead
How to destroy alternate ways for your prospect to satisfy their desire (p. 175)
Why you should never attack a competitor’s weakness you’re prepared to do this (p. 177)
The Seventh Technique of Breakthrough Copy: Camouflage
Chapter 13 Reveals:
Audience doesn’t trust you yet? Learn the tried and true method of borrowing believability so they trust you the first time (starts on page 186)
All About Advertorials! They still work and Schwartz was a master. See his two advertorial tear downs on page 188.
The Final Touches
Chapter 14 Reveals:
How to make two claims do the work of four (p. 200)
The lost art of creating “momentum builders” that draw your reader deeper and deeper into your copy (p .215)


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