NOFluence By Ben Settle – Free Download Book Course

NOFluence By Ben Settle - Free Download Book Course


NOFluence By Ben Settle – Free Download Book Course


Learn How To Give Customers & Clients Almost No Choice But To Buy What Your Business Sells!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Ben Settle

✅ Official Course Price: $600

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

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NOFluence By Ben Settle - Free Download Book Course


🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


This new book teaches some sneaky & arguably downright subversive ways I’ve been using over the last 15+ years to get sales & compliance from customers, clients, & other people in my life (family, friends, lovers, etc). The entire book is a compilation of content that includes the January 2017, August 2018, January 2020, January 2021, August 2022, & September 2022 Email Players issues. Plus, it also contains some hard-to-find call transcripts, as well as various other related lessons from Email Players, coaching, books, etc I’ve sold over the years.


A few of the ideas & insights inside include:


A subtle but “jagged” weapon of persuasion used by some of history’s most influential apostles, prophets, and other holy men for converting even hostile heathen & sinners into God-fearing believers. (Hint: They didn’t list benefits, bullets, claims, deadlines, or calls to action.)
A sneaky persuasion secret (invented by an A-list copywriter I know) that can make it almost impossible for your children to ever want to abuse or even so much as experiment with drugs.
Another sneaky persuasion secret (I’ll be using “on” Willis when he comes of age) that can protect young men from a family court system & media that are hostile to him.
Quite possibly the simplest and most profitable way to structure a sales letter ever invented used by an A-list copywriter who almost never loses.
Exactly what to do in your ads before showing any stats, reason why copy, or other hard data if you want it read and/or taken seriously.
A clever way to help “cancel-proof” your business from social media and other big tech platforms that want to police your thoughts.
Probably the most reliably profitable way to write an email you can ever use if you sell to a consumer niche that solves a painful & urgent problem. (I did this all day long in my emails when selling in weight loss, golf, prostate problems, dating, etc. Plus, it made writing the emails twice as fast and a whole lot less frustrating.)
The “point out the window” secret used by old school fire & brimstone preachers that can help make selling your offers as easy as falling off a chair. (This almost laughably simple method was used by hardcore preachers to not only get their flocks walking the straight and narrow, but also probably making lots of deposits in ye olde righteous collection plate, too.)
How to influence, persuade, market, and sell in such a way where you potentially don’t just make the sale, but also nab far more engagement and consumption of what you just sold. (Which, of course, can lead to more referrals, word-of-mouth, unforeseen opportunities, etc for your business.)
A truly magnificent persuasion method used by a local businessman to shut down an insanely stupid proposal that would have turned the county into a homeless feces pit! (This postcard resulted in nearly 300 calls/emails to the county commissioners, and the creepy proposal it called out was declared DOA. Want to make real change in your community? Wisely apply what this postcard did and watch what happens…)
How one of the NRA’s #1 concealed carry instructors used info taught inside NOfluence to keep his students glued to their seats for 6+ hours straight (not even wanting to go to the bathroom!) while up-selling, cross-selling, and down-selling to the point where nearly everyone in the room ended up buying a book, signing up for his target shooting lessons, or grabbing some other offer before leaving.
A real life example of how a business can use email to “tastefully” milk money from misery — and with people maybe even glad you did it, and glad they bought your offers afterwards.
The secret behind an ad I wrote in the prostate support niche that was so effective even guys in their 20’s (who did not even have the problem) who read it ended up buying. (I have had at least one A-list copywriter ask if they could use ads and emails I wrote in that niche — that used the secret I teach inside NOfluence — as samples for their coaching students because it works so well.)
Why the best way to get someone to tell you yes to buying from your business is by first getting them to tell you no.
Why a lot of the popular goal setting training is garbage and killing your sales.
The exact best time to start pitching in an email, ad, video, or anything else.
How to use soul-sucking gore to sell more products… and in a way even a mush cookie will love.
The “chili pepper in the eyeballs” secret used by the great actor Steve McQueen to help write emails so consistently profitable you might wonder how you can do any wrong when selling to your list.
The startling persuasion tactic I used to help “convert” a big city Millennial-minded, pro-choice/pro-Hillary liberal woman into a small town right-winger who loves guns, God, & Trump. (And how to start using it in all your marketing to convert more sales.)
Two movie scenes that are like advanced masterclasses in how to influence & persuade. (Including possibly even helping get you out of serious legal trouble if you should ever be in such a situation. No promises & it ain’t legal advice, of course, but it’s potent persuasion indeed…)
An example of how to help attract the “cream of the crop” employees, assistants, or team members if you should need to hire such.
A clever way to persuade your way out of the dog house with your wife or girlfriend when she’s angry at you.
An example of what to say in the first few minutes of a video sales letter that can help make your pitch stick out from the bleating herd, as well as help sell offers that are inherently complicated. (Bonus benefit: doing this can potentially cut down your refund requests dramatically as well.)
A secret kind of page (not a sales page or anything you see taught in copywriting books) new business’ can use to help build an extremely high quality & high class customer base right off the bat.
A powerful twist I put on the sales copy (near the headline) for one of my book launches that helped make it the single biggest, most successful, and most profitable launch I’ve ever orchestrated in my business.
A horrifying persuasion lesson (about corpses in an Indonesian village) that can help make it so your list, leads, and customers might not even be able to help but think about what you’re selling — even if they would ordinarily have no interest.
A cunning secret you can use in your emails and other marketing that creates no real “objections.”
A lesson embedded inside a popular 1990’s movie (that 99% of people reading this letter have almost certainly seen) so powerful it can potentially help persuade a rapist from carrying out his evil deed.
A real life example of how to change even the most closed minds about a particular idea, belief, or buying decision if done correctly.
The #1 single greatest method of influence & persuasion probably ever invented (thousands of years ago, that hardly anyone uses now)… and why it legitimately requires a thick skin to use it in business today. (It’s almost “Faustian” how using this secret of persuasion can make a business many more sales than usual… while also creating many more trolls, haters, and enemies than usual, too.)
And that is just for starters — the above does not even include what is inside the 50+ pages of transcripts & other content pulled from related offers I am including inside NOfluence.


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