Master Brand By Jennifer Kem – Free Download Course – Story + Strategy + Systems + Sales

Master Brand By Jennifer Kem - Free Download Course - Story + Strategy + Systems + Sales


Master Brand By Jennifer Kem – Free Download Course – Story + Strategy + Systems + Sales


Master Brand will teach you you with every tool you need to turn your business into a followed, fawned-over, money-making powerhouse.



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Jennifer Kem

✅ Official Course Price: $4000

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 14.74 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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Master Brand By Jennifer Kem - Free Download Course - Story + Strategy + Systems + Sales



🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


Build a brand that gets seen, heard, and paid – even if you don’t have an engaged audience, yet.
Become a master storyteller that people want to listen to – even if your story sounds just like everyone else’s.
Define the look and feel of your brand – even if you have NO design background.
Connect the right marketing systems and strategies to your brand story – even if you’re “technology challenged”.
Move from “just doing” to strategic action – even if you only have minutes (not days!) to implement each month.
Become recognized for the unique experience your company creates – and the clear brand leader – for your dream clients.



Master Brand By Jennifer Kem - Free Download Course - Story + Strategy + Systems + Sales



Master Brand was built to be the “command central” for business owners who want bigger, better brands that connect and convert all the right people.

Every module breaks down, step by step, exactly how to:

Uncover what makes you different from anyone else in your industry (effectively eliminating the idea of marketplace competition).
Define what your distinct brand story really is (so you can easily share it with the people that want to hear it).
Package that story with a whole lotta smart marketing strategy, systems, and soul.
Become a socially recognized, authority brand, boosting your impact, income, and influence for less effort.
Fully utilize storytelling and your personal brand as your most relevant, meaningful and potent competitive advantage.


The Book of Amplification
Before you can even begin to build your masterful brand, you must learn how to amplify your own voice, beliefs, and ideas so you can stand out in a crowded market. In this module, you’ll learn how to overcome your fear of being seen, so you can show up consistently as your most masterful self — and enjoy the ride.

The Book of Courage
Most people don’t build Master Brands because they simply don’t believe that they have what it takes. The difference between where you want to be and where you are is literally the distance between your ears. It’s time to dig deep to find that entrepreneurial courage.

The Book of Attitude
Building a successful business is 99% mindset and 1% mechanics. So, what’s the attitude and adjustments you have to make in your daily life to focus on the prize and maximize every opportunity? You’ll learn powerful affirmations and practices to set the true driver of your success to abundance mode.

The Book of Ownership
Builders of Master Brands are leaders in every area of their life. This requires a level of self-responsibility and ownership that 90% of people never get the opportunity to learn. This is not just about becoming a business owner, it’s about owning ALL the success in every single aspect of your life.

Amplification of your brand is dependent on the proper foundation and alignment of your values. Every truly successful person will confirm that mastering your entrepreneurial mind and intimately understanding how it works is the number driver to building a business that works like a machine, not the other way around.

What makes Master Brand so unique is we recognize that all business starts here, because real results come to those that develop the entrepreneurial courage, attitude and ownership necessary to build a real brand.


Archetype Influence Mix (AIM)
Our Archetype Influence Mix (AIM) assessment is a proprietary, psychological assessment based on Jungian archetypes that will identify your brands most influential strategic positioning.

Brand Archetype Reports
Receive 3 in-depth archetype reports that will identify the positioning that is most influential for your brand, including psychological motivators, product positioning, and influential language.

The Book of Archetypes
Here you’ll go through an overview of all the brand archetypes before diving into crafting your brand story using your new found dominant archetype voice to speak directly to the heart of your audience.

Your Archetypes are the beating heart of the personality and positioning of your business. With your archetypes, you’re business is on the fast track to exponential results. And without your archetypes, your business is simply another name that no one remembers.

(Our students tell us that the Archetype Suite alone is worth the price of admission and more because it reveals so much of what has been the missing link in their branding efforts all along.)


The Book of Audience
How to build a brand that (the right) people crave and demand.

Building Your Buyer Personas
Comes with Audience-Building templates to map out your ideal client.

The Book of Connection
Marrying your AIM to your ideal client’s needs is all about having a clear conversation and connection with them. This module teaches you how to do that.

Our students tell us that our method of finding their ideal audience gave them the certainty and confidence they needed to have the real conversations necessary with the right people to close sales and create movements. Knowing your real audience will save you so much time and money, it’s practically priceless.


The Book of Aesthetics
How to blend your Brand Archetype + your Brand Audience to build the most beautiful, desirable graphics and user experience elements that make you unmistakeable in the marketplace.

Dominant Archetype Mood Board
A visual map of the colors, fonts, images and feelings you want to evoke based on your Dominant Archetype.

The Book of Visibility
How to use your dominant brand using voice + visuals to make your brand highly visible. A masterclass in getting seen and heard with credibility, potency and authenticity.

Our students say the Aesthetics Mood Board helped them clarify exactly how they wanted to portray their brand in their marketing online and offline going forward. And it saved them the effort of explaining to their design and copywriting resources how they want to build their campaigns, sales sheets, programs with a one-page reference. #boom.


The Book of Activation
Action activates the dream. You can know your Archetypes, Audience and Aesthetics, but if you don’t do anything with them, then all your hard work means 0. So this module is all about taking action on what is rightfully yours, getting bold and attaching the proper systems to the right story.

The Book of Launching
I give you access to the strategy behind every single online contest, product launch (yes even this one), and the best practices of every launch; including how to use webinars, sales video letters, affiliate/JV campaigns, the works.

The Book of Content
How to build product offerings, services and products – whether you have virtual programs or Etsy products. This is a system I use every time to build my own programs and the programs of many celebrities, CEOs and those famous people online (p.s. they paid way more).

The Book of Community
So you know your Audience, but how do you gather them together and build a following that follows you everywhere you go with your Master Brand? This module is about how to build a community that tells everyone about you because they love what you stand for, they love what you’ve built, and they love being a part of it.

The Book of Copy
The most revered skill in all of marketing is the copywriting. Because copy triggers emotions and feelings that are about helping your clients solve their problems. This module is all about arming you with easy-to-implement copy strategies that will boost your brand big time.

The Book of Systems
If you’re interested in predictable and consistent income (who isn’t?) then you need to know the systems that you need to power your Master Brand. This module covers the People, the Processes and the Technology you need and when, so you don’t waste a minute or a dime.

The Book of Social
Many Master Brands have built their following and finances using social media. And, it’s a world that can be overwhelming and a little intimidating — but this module covers what social media networks you should invest your time and money in, and how to determine if it’s the right platform for who and what you serve.

The Book of Sales
No Sales = No Business. You’re not just in this game to get famous right? If so, Master Brand is not for you. Because there are a lot of broke speakers, celebrities, and authors out there, and I’m committed to you not being one of them. I’ll teach you to see sales as a dignified conversation that leads people to what they say they want and you have the solution for. This will turn your business ON.

The Book of Momentum
How to turn your results on full-throttle acceleration, consistently and persistently. You might be surprised what it takes to truly scale, in this module, you’ll learn how to set your own Master Brand for predictable profits and massive growth.





Launch Leader Course

An all-access ticket to Master Brand Momentum Brandfest

Peace ‘o Mind Systems

Ca$h Calendar Workshop



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