Gary Halbert’s Last Seminar – Free Download + Gary Halbert’s Root Canal Seminar

Gary Halbert's Last Seminar - Free Download Course + Gary Halbert's Root Canal Seminar One Time Offer Included


Gary Halbert’s Last Seminar – Free Download Course + Gary Halbert’s Root Canal Seminar One Time Offer Included


This Is Now Or Never: The World’s Greatest Copywriter Reveals His Lifetime Of Secrets — Including How He Really Created Some Of The Most Effective Advertising In History… And… How You Can Do It Too!



✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Gary Halbert

✅ Official Course Price: $2450 + $297

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 12.76 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Training:


How to get almost everything you want in life… without… force, struggle or unethical behavior! (No need to be a Con Man).
The single most important thing you must do before you sit down to write even one word of your sales message!
How to find out what people (your customers) really, really want! (Not one business owner in a thousand knows this… yet… it’s crucial if you want to succeed massively with the least amount of time, effort and struggle on your part.)
Why focus groups and surveys are virtually worthless in the real world, competitive, mean streets of everyday business! (And… what you should do instead to give you an “unfair advantage” when it comes to collecting useful information about your business and market!)
What you should really focus on if you want to make maximum money from your advertising! (It’s the most important element… and… it is NOT the copy you write. Most advertising experts/copywriters won’t tell you this… but it’s the truth nonetheless.)
The three most expensive words in advertising!
Why you should study golfers and the golf market! (The key to making maximum money is hidden in the underlying psychology of this market. Understand this “key” and you’ll have all the money and success you could ever want!)
The true story of how one woman “wrote off” her breast enlargements on her taxes. The IRS challenged her and she won! (This, admittedly, doesn’t have much to do with copywriting… but… it’s enlightening to say the least.)
Why what you “think” your customers want or care about doesn’t matter one iota! (Even if your I.Q. is 220… you can’t guess at what the hell people really want. Here’s how to find out quickly and easily!)
Why blonds get “hit on” more often than brunettes… and… how to make more money in your business from this piece of real world knowledge!
The “one” resource you must have if you are (or want to be in) the direct response business! (This “shortcut-to-success” resource is mandatory… if you don’t have it, you’re not really in the game… and you’re making 1/10 the money you could be!)
The 1-2 Government punch that’ll knock you out of business immediately… even if… you are doing everything right and 100% legally!
A simple way to “improve your awareness” of what people will pay good money for. This simple secret is only known (and used) by a handful of street-savvy, successful entrepreneurs… Now, You Can Use It Too!
How one “smart” but “not so smart”, direct response business owner made $28 Million before age 30 and lost it all in 24 hours! (He was completely blindsided… and you can be too… if you don’t protect yourself!)
A little-known emerging market (some might consider sleazy) that is quickly making multi-millionaires out of “average Joes” almost overnight! (If you’re not offended by this market… you can make a bundle too!)
The real secrets for making insane amounts of money in direct marketing! (Only a handful of “gurus” even know this secret… let alone, teach it!)
How to turn simple, inexpensive classified ads into a real, thriving business! (For example: Gary tells the true story of a friend in Santa Barbara, California who took in an astonishing $250,000 per week… all from these tiny powerhouses!)
What a heroin “junky” can teach you about selling and making fistfuls of cash! (And no, you don’t have to go “hangout” with drug addicts to learn this. However, you need to understand the hidden psychology contained in their behavior. You won’t hear this in DM News or Target Marketing… yet… it’s crucial if you want maximum success!)
The most important direct marketing web site in the world! (If you got nothing else from this seminar… you’d still make back your investment 10 to 100 times or more by knowing where to find this web site!)
A simple “at home” exercise you can do to cheat your way to writing better copy, faster! (This one secret alone could increase your copywriting ability by 500% to 1000% or more in the next 6 to 12 months!)
An amazing story that drives home the importance of learning how to write — or at least recognize — world-class, killer copywriting!
The “missing link” in most advertising… or… why most copy fails! (If you aren’t straight about this little-known ingredient, you might as well retire your pen right now and go get a job!)

The realities of meeting Fidel Castro in Cuba as a child… and… the amazing business secret it reveals!
Why selling is not telling… and… what it really is!
The 8 crucial factors for success in any business… in any climate! (Missing just one of these factors may mean the “death nail” to your business!)
7 Strategies for the new millennium to deal with the constant and increasing rapid change! (Did you know, that currently, knowledge “doubles” every 2 to 3 years…and… in 10 years it will “double” in 11 HOURS! Literally twice a day, every day. You can’t afford not to know how to deal with this coming crisis… the 7 strategies will show you how!)
The gross mistake made by 50% of all small business owners in America that spells DISASTER! (So easy to avoid, yet so easy to overlook.)
How IBM was saved… and… the lesson you must learn from “Big Blue’s” turnaround!
Why you must constantly be learning!
Why you should consider running a global business!
3 pieces of wisdom from nursing home retirees you must take to heart… if… you want a good life now… with no regrets in the future. Think the elderly have nothing of value to say?…
You’ll Be Shocked And Surprised At Their Sage Advice!
6 Challenges we face right now that stand in the way of achieving massive, lasting success… and how to overcome them! (First, you must know what these challenges are… and then… and only then, can you deal with them effectively!)
4 easy strategies for success!
Why your people are not your most important asset!
3 must have conditions before you can be “success oriented” and “motivated”! (Know and understand these conditions to avoid the pitfalls and traps most entrepreneurs fall victim to!)
The greatest success axiom or truism in the world! (This is all you really need to know to become successful. Seriously, if you’ll engrave these 15 words onto the surface of your brain… you can’t fail!)
The story of how Gary raised almost $1 Million for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund in the wake of Hurricane Andrew in 1992! (This, the most costly natural disaster to hit U.S. soil, prompted Gary to quickly put his copywriting skills into action… and… become the largest individual donor—for that disaster—in the United States! This story relates how, once you become a good copywriter, you can use your skill to increase the “good” in the world… and… help out humanity.)
What a circus elephant can teach you about limitations! (What’s holding you down right now? Think about it, and use this revelation to set yourself free!)
Why it’s often difficult to change for the better… and… how to quickly change anything at will! (It’s not as hard as you think.)
The most bottom-line impactful sales lesson you could ever learn! (Joachim —when he worked for Xerox — was given an unlimited budget [up to $1 Million] to discover exactly why people buy! Using hidden cameras and other clandestine spy methods… here’s the great discovery he made!)
The amazing “Marshmallow” experiment done with kids… and… what it reveals about reaching success!
How much of your success depends on your environment… and how much depends on your genetics! (Here’s how to manipulate that percentage to quickly and effortlessly climb to the top of the success ladder!)
The 3 and only 3 ways to increase your business or productivity in your business! Work on these 3 at the same time and you’ll literally…
Supercharge Your Business Growth And Success!
5 new realities in business today! (If ignored, any one of these can bury you. However, if recognized and dealt with, they can quickly move you to levels of success you previously only dreamed of!)
A great quote from Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, that can dramatically and instantly increase your business success and income!
Why you must be creative in your marketing! (And no, not creative in the traditional sense… but… “constructively creative” in a “let’s make more damn sales” sense!)
How to turn your simple, boring, “here’s how to contact me” business card into a sales and marketing machine that attracts ready-to-buy customers or clients to you like steel to a magnet!
Why Joachim’s business card is being “sold” in Panama for $20… and… the lesson to learn from this story!
A single piece of advice Gary gave Joachim a few years ago that’s made him tens, if not hundreds of thousands of extra dollars… you can use it too!
The single most important business question you must constantly ask (and answer) if you are to become (and remain) truly successful! (Don’t let the utter simplicity of this question fool you — it’s crucial!)
Aristotle’s most potent success advice!

Four brutally-effective secrets for writing world-class ad copy! (I’ve read every good to great copywriting book/course ever printed… and… none of them contained Secret Number 2 or 4!)
The most successful single word you can use in your ads and sales letters! (It’s not “you” or “free”… although those words are good. No, this word is far more powerful and effective… and… it literally forces people to buy now!)
What great advertising and copywriting really is! (This definition was laid down in the early, early part of the 20th Century… and… is so thorough, and well thought out, it has not been improved upon since. You must understand it… if… you want maximum results!)
Secret Power Words that carry an emotional “back kick” and send results through the roof! (John gives you examples of the exact words you should use in your ads for maximum response.)
Why you need to eliminate every “have”, “get” and various forms of “to be” from your ads and sales letters! (Every copywriter on the planet can benefit from this advice!)
The “Achilles heel” of in-print advertising… and how to overcome it! (This secret is one of the most important things a copywriter or business owner could ever learn! It’s almost always the difference between lukewarm, okay, make a little profit advertising copy… and… grand slam homerun, rake in huge wads of cash copy!)
How to test the “appeal to the reader” factor of all your advertising before you ever spend a dime running it! (Now, know instantly if what you’ve written is going to strike a chord with your target audience…or… bore them to tears!
Why you must “strike out” trite adjectives in your writing! (John reveals what to use instead.)
How to hit the passionate “sweet spot” of your reader and literally compel him to buy immediately… even if… he has to spend his last dime to do so!
Two of the most powerful words ever written and how to apply this kind of succinct brevity and power to your ad copy!
The mindset you must cultivate to write world-class copy! (This is Gary and John’s “secret weapon” they pull out when there are big stakes on the line…
You’ll Never Learn This Anywhere Else!
How to instantly “goose” the raw effectiveness of your advertising copy right now!
A secret, yet crucial thing you must do in every advertisement you write! (Amazingly, even pros forget to do this sometimes.)
Why you should never be “creative” when writing copy for creativity’s sake! (This is an amateur mistake!)
When you should, and when you should not use “slang” or “lingo” in your copy! (Used correctly, slang can dramatically boost results. However, use it incorrectly and you’ll be laughed at and humiliated… and… fall flat on your face. Believe it or not, in some markets (not all) tactful use of swearing improves results. You may not like that, and I’m not suggesting you take up swearing to your customers… however, in any case, it’s the truth!)
The one thing about us humans that has not changed since the beginning of time! (A few really great copywriters know this secret and play to it ruthlessly in every sales message they write… you should too!)
Think you can’t learn how to write great copy… or at least copy good enough to make you all the money you’ll ever want or need? Hogwash! John reveals why you (or anyone for that matter) can learn… and how!
How long your copy really should be… solved once and for all! (Short or long copy? You’ll be surprised at the real answer!)
How to reduce refunds to a bare minimum! (This secret technique goes against every grain of instinct you possess… yet it’s factual and vitally potent for helping you keep more of the money you deserve!)
What “I to thou writing” means… and… why you want to use it!
How to get an instant 30% bump in response every time…just by changing one word in your sales letter!
Why you should subscribe to all the trashy tabloid newspapers… especially The National Enquirer. (Trust me, you’ll get more real world value from these gossip rags than from reading The New York Times!)
How to find the killer “hook” or human-interest tidbit you need to write a great headline! (Most headlines are wimpy and weak and the results reveal that. Here’s how to infuse some street-savvy, sales appeal into your headlines for maximum response!)
What to use on the top of your letters instead of headlines! (This lost art of grabbing the reader’s attention is one of the most effective techniques you can possess in your copywriting “bag of tricks”!)
How to distinguish the difference between a feature and a benefit… and… why this is vitally important to your ad copy’s success!
How to write world-class bullet points that carry a 1-2 knockout sales punch! (You see, there are good bullets… great bullets… and then there are world-class bullets. John’s the only copywriter I know who has perfected this 1-2 secret… and… is willing to reveal it. He should literally charge thousands of dollars for this technique alone!)
The Marketing Rebel Appeal-O-Meter™! (This is John’s proprietary economics-based graph that uncovers the secret of all great advertising successes! (Once you grasp what it reveals… then you’ll be able to inject your sales copy with response-producing, money-grabbing, irresistible appeal!)

& so much more (you can check the sales page below for the full content you’re getting)!




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