Free Download – Breathwork Facilitator Training And Certification By Brian Kelly

Breathwork Facilitator Training And Certification By Brian Kelly


Breathwork Facilitator Training And Certification By Brian Kelly & Aurimas Judoka – Free Download Course



No other course can equip you better for coaching than a breathwork facilitator training like this one!


✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Brian Kelly

✅ Official Course Price: $2997

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

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Breathwork Facilitator Training And Certification By Brian Kelly

🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Training:

The 10-Week Curiculum Of The Breathwork Certification


WEEK 1: Introduction To Breathwork

What is a Breath Coach? Breaking down what it means to be a Breath Coach, the valuable role you’ll be playing in your clients lives by the end of this program!
Modalities: The various types of breathwork and why Transformational Breathwork will not only help your client to shift the fastest, but how it provides YOU with the flexibility of not having to commit to only one style.
Value: You will learn to identify the value proposition of your offering so that your client sees and understands the value of your services are 10x (minimum) whatever you decide to charge.
Physiology: Understanding the chemistry of breath, why it’s important and how learning the science will help you to feel like an expert in your field without spending 8 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on a medical degree.
The Nervous System: You will learn not only how the Nervous System impacts our lives on every level, but how learning to manipulate it has a direct effect on our emotions, stress response and general sense of well being.
Cold Therapy & Vascular Health: During your certification, you will discover how cardiovascular issues are the leading global cause of death and disease and how just a few simple adjustments in how you breathe, combined with cold therapy can ensure long-term health and vitality.

WEEK 2: Breathing Science

WEEK 3: Teaching Made Simple

Fundamentals: During this breathwork certification, you will discover the hidden secrets of the breath they don’t teach you in school that will help your clients relieve stress and anxiety in minutes and leave you looking and feeling like a true breath master.
Techniques: As a future breathwork facilitator, you will begin to master what we call The Big Three; breathing for increased energy and focus, breathing for balance, and breathing for relaxation and sleep.
Journeys: We’re big advocates of learning through doing. So, by week 3 you’ll already have your first breathwork practitioner homework assignment of guiding your first Transformational Breathwork Journey! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re ready!
The Subconscious Mind: Why most coaches fail. Too much time and energy focused on retraining the conscious/rational mind, when the secret lies below the surface, in the subconscious – and breathwork is the access point.
Releasing Trauma: Why is healing old traumas so important? The magic question everyone should be asking. As a future breathwork practitioner, you’ll learn how to help your clients put down the emotional baggage once and for all, without having to say a single word.
The Coaching Edge: You will learn how to leverage your coaching skills when your clients are most open to receiving the message. It’s the X-Factor that will set you apart from all other coaches in the industry.

WEEK 4: Transformational Breathwork

WEEK 5: Guiding An Online Session

Architecting the Journey: This is where the rubber meets the road. As a future breathwork practitioner, you’re going to learn Brian’s step-by-step proprietary 18-Phase framework for nailing the online journey every single time.
The Art of Music Selection: During this breathwork certification, you will understand the importance of selecting the right music to trigger emotional impact at just the right moments cannot be understated. We’ll not only show you how it’s done, we’ll give you the tracks and playlists to get you started as a breathwork facilitator.
Finding Your Voice:​ ​ Too many coaches struggle to even get started out of fear for not saying the right things. Confidence comes with repetition. You’ll learn how to keep-it-simple, eliminating the constant “pressure to perform” syndrome.
Holding Space: Becoming a badass breathwork facilitator does NOT require a degree in psychotherapy, but it is an art. Asking the right questions and good listening skills will be at the top of your most valuable assets.
Guiding the Session: As a future breathwork practitioner, you’ll learn a 4-Step Formula that will leave your clients feeling born again and blown away by the experience every single time.
Integration: ​Coming out of a breathwork session can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Learn how to help your clients process their experience in a way that will leave them feeling loved up and supported.

WEEK 6: The One-On-One

WEEK 7: Live Group Sessions

Simplicity is Key: It’s important to remember that the student’s breath, NOT your teaching is the real medicine they’re after. Learn how to say just enough to set the container and let the journey do the heavy lifting.
Working with Energy: You don’t have to be a Reiki Master to spot a student who needs some extra support. We’ll show you what to look for, bow to handle it, and what to do if things go sideways.
Do’s & Dont’s: In this module of the breathwork certification, we’ll dive into the ethics of coaching, and share our assessment of what is, and is not okay, before, during and after breathwork sessions.
Mindset: Discover the raw power of a growth mindset and how it will be either your greatest asset or most challenging adversary when it comes to building your business as a breath coach.
Education: Knowledge is power. You’re going to experience the ultimate crash course in breath training, plus you’ll leave equipped with a roadmap and all of the best resources to keep sharpening your saw.
FAQ’s: ​One of the biggest fears new teachers have when starting out is not knowing the answer to basic questions that may come up. Big deal, don’t stress. All the masters before you start at ground zero. We’ve got you covered.

WEEK 8 : Overcoming Fear

WEEK 9: Building Your Business

Client Magnetism: You will learn how to attract your clientele, how to communicate the power of the experience and how to be a coach that no clients want to EVER leave.
The Backend: Legal disclaimers, tech, finances, business side of things – we made it easy for you to have a plug-and-play solution, we will walk you through every single step A-Z.
Client & Class Management: You will learn additional skills to manage your classes, take care of your clients and maximize their attendance & benefits that they reap from these sessions.
Goal Setting: You will develop a clear plan to continue with your breathwork coaching – add it onto your existing services or start a completely new business – let’s get clear on your future steps.
Continued Education: You will get a bundle of resources to continue your evolution as a TB coach and a well-rounded human capable of making a massive impact.
Advanced Coaching: You will explore new and exciting opportunities to continue your education and take your skills to the next level.

WEEK 10:

You’re A Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Breathwork Facilitator Training And Certification By Brian Kelly



Recap of what you get:

10 Weeks of Powerful Coaching Training – $6,997 REAL VALUE
20 Hours of Interactive Breakaway Group Coaching to Practice Techniques – $2,997 REAL VALUE
90 Minute Online Breath Coaching Business Launch Masterclass From Breath Masters Co-Founder, AJ – $1799 REAL VALUE
Private Closed Facebook Community of Other Transformational Breath Coaches – $499 REAL VALUE
Weekly Coaching Demonstration from Breath Masters Co-Founder, Brian Kelly – Priceless
Done-For-You Guided Breathwork Journey Scripts – Priceless
Done-For-You Spotify Music Playlists – Priceless
Done-For-You “Attract Your First 100 Students” Marketing Materials (Social Media Posts, Email Templates & Pitch Emails) – $5,000 REAL VALUE
Done-For-You Contracts & Legal Documents to Launch Your Breath Coaching Business Effortlessly – $497 REAL VALUE
200 Guided Meditation Scripts to Add Depth & Range To Your Journeys – $697 REAL VALUE
Setting up Your Software Masterclass (Step-by-step Walk-Thr- For Leveraging Zoom & Spotify) with Brian Kelly – $799 REAL VALUE
NLP Fundamentals Masterclass – $499 REAL VALUE
Brian’s 30-Day Breathwork Course + 5 Free Access Codes – $2,399 REAL RETAIL VALUE
Transformational Breath Coaching Certification & Accreditation – Priceless



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