Sold Out Sales Emails By Luisa Zhou – Free Download Course

Sold Out Sales Emails By Luisa Zhou - Free Download Course


Sold Out Sales Emails By Luisa Zhou – Free Download Course SOSE


I bet you wanna know how I’ve sold out every course and coaching package in the past 4 years… without having to hustle on social media, “pitch” myself, or beg people to buy? This course is then made for you!


✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Luisa Zhou

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 10.42 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


By the end of course? You’ll know how to do all this for yourself. To sell out every one of your coaching programs and/or courses.

In this course, I’ll walk you through all 3 phases of my Sold Out Sales Emails framework:

How to teach your audience to want your product. (A common—and fatal—mistake is assuming that your audience will want your product! This is one of my 3 secrets to “Money-Making Messaging,” which ensures that I sell out every product I want to create, without having to do market research or sell the same things that everyone else sells)

My Product Pyramid technique for easily explaining how my product is different and a must-buy…without being salesy or pushy. (This is what has my email subscribers saying, “Your email was so good! I just bought. Didn’t even have to think about it.” With this technique, your email buyers will be saying that too.)

The 3 W’s to Can’t-Look-Away sales content that has your email subscribers opening every one of your emails. (This is why my sales email open rates are double the industry average! In fact, after using these, your subscribers will thank you for your sales emails and tell you how much they look forward to them!)

My 3P Process for planning a sold out sales sequence in less than 30 minutes. (This is the exact process I’ve used to sell out every single coaching program and course I’ve ever offered.)

The proven Sold Out Sales Email Formula that I use in every one of my sales emails. (This includes the massive AHA it took me 2 years to figure out, that had me doubling my sales from every promotion afterwards.)

After the Planning phase, we’re done with theory. In the Pre-Sale and Promotion phases, you’ll learn by watching me actually do. As in, write—in real time—all of my emails. While explaining to you every tip, tactic, and technique I know. Including…

Pre-sale emails
How I come up with the must-read-further statement at the start of each email that stops my readers in their tracks…and ensures that they read everything I have to say. (This is a key element to emails that your readers love to read. I’ll show you my best tips for knocking it out of the park every time. Including a brilliant strategy I picked up from screenwriting legend Aaron Sorkin. Pre-Sale Email Three)

The fine line between sharing enough detail to be interesting while not sharing so much it’s boring. (This is a critical mistake that most emails make. Not enough detail and you’re going to lose your audience because you don’t connect. Too much detail and you’ll lose your audience too…because they don’t care! Pre-Sale Emails One, Two, Four, Six)

My personal writing “quirks” that have my readers feeling like they know me better than any grand-standing, lavish-lifestyle photos, or surface-level branding can accomplish. (This is how I’m able to connect deeply with my readers—which is a must before people will buy from you—while maintaining my privacy and without having to share every aspect of my personal life. Pre-Sale Emails One, Three)

How I’m able to seamlessly transition from any anecdote, example, or story to the point I want to make in each email. (This is how I’m able to consistently create must-read emails quickly and effortlessly. If you want to make lots of sales while spending less than an hour a day writing your emails, you must master this skill too. Pre-Sale Emails One, Two, Three, Four, Six)

How to start creating desire for your product before you even sell it. (This is how I get my audience excited about a product before I even start promoting it. So that when I do open enrollment, people often buy right away. No more of the usual wondering, “Am I going to make any sales?” because people are waiting until the last minute to buy. Pre-Sale Emails Three, Four, Six)

The foolproof technique I use to build trust in what I’m saying. (This is essential before you can sell anything. Otherwise your audience won’t believe you about why they should want your product and why it’s so great! When done wrong, you’ll come across as a snake-oil salesman. When done right—which is easy to do if you know how—it’ll help you sell out every one of your products. Pre-Sale Emails Five, Six)

Sales emails

How I give “value” in a sales email while also ensuring that that value actually helps me make more sales. (This is a key reason my readers look forward to my sales emails even more than my regular emails. AND buy my products at rates significantly higher than the industry average. Promotion Emails Two, Four, Twelve, Thirteen)

The number one mistake most sales emails make when talking about the product (Making this mistake will have your readers’ eyes glazing over and definitely not buying from you. Conversely, doing this right—which isn’t hard—will have your readers feeling like your product is massively valuable and desirable. Promotion Email Six, Twelve)

How I talk about the things I want to talk about while ensuring that I’m still connecting with my readers and driving sales (This makes it a lot more fun and fast to write your emails. While ensuring they’re also unique and interesting to your readers. Which ultimately helps you make a lot more sales. Promotion Emails One, Three, Seven, Eight, Eleven, Twelve)

My favorite way to invite people to purchase my course or coaching program, without being salesy, needy, or pushy. (My stance has always been: “I’ve got something awesome. I think it can help you. If you want it, here it is.” Multiple millions in sales later, it seems to have worked pretty well and connected with my audience. I’ll teach you how to sell from that place of confidence and mutual benefit too. Promotion Emails One, Two, Nine, Eleven)

The easiest way to save time on your sales emails, while ensuring that your sales continue to increase. (Strategically re-using writing from my sales page cuts down the time it takes me to write my sales emails by at least 20%. I’ll show you which parts you should reuse and which parts you shouldn’t. Promotion Emails Two, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen)

The most powerful—and profitable—way to share your product, why you created it, and why it’s so unique and effective. (Once I started including this in my emails, my sales doubled. This goes way beyond just talking about the “results.” And is frankly something I discovered for myself and haven’t seen anyone else talk about. Promotion Emails Three, Six, Ten)

How to demonstrate to your readers that they need your product without resorting to salesy clichés—that don’t work—like “telling” them about their problems and how they’re feeling. (You know what I’m talking about: Statements like, “You’re frustrated because…” EW! That’s frankly, rude and patronizing. If someone says that to me, I’m much more likely to not buy. Do this instead and have your readers responding with, “I needed to hear this. Thank you!” And, oh yeah…“Just bought! I’m so excited!” Promotion Emails Six, Seven)

My number one “stealth sale” technique for driving sales that has nothing to do with “digging into the pain” or “painting the dream”…and is in fact way more profitable and enjoyable (I now use this for every promotion and sales page I write. Because it’s so darn profitable…while being interesting, fun, and non-salesy. Promotion Emails Three, Nine)

You’ll also get instant access to these Bonuses

Bonus #1
My $50,000 Email Sequence
Remember the emails I mentioned at the beginning of this page?

Get the actual 4 emails that sold out my first premium group coaching offer—and made $50,000—in 4 days.

I’ve also included my personal notes for each email, sharing why I did what I did, and why the email sequence worked so well.

Bonus #2
My 7-Figure Email Strategy
This is a special audio I recorded just for this course that reveals never-before-shared details behind how I’m able to make 7-figures a year via emails alone.

A few of the things you’ll learn:

How I come up with my seemingly-endless stream of ideas for sales emails
The perfect length for a sales email (2 minutes in)
How I got so good at writing sales emails (because as a former engineer, I definitely wasn’t born with this talent) (4 minutes in)
My philosophy on email unsubscribes (and what stats are normal) (8 minutes in)
How I became so fast at writing (take it from someone who used to spend three hours staring at a blank screen, not knowing what to say…this is a skill anyone can learn) (11 minutes in)
How I maintain my confidence and energy during a promotion (14 minutes in)
The only difference that matters between selling coaching and courses via email (having sold millions of both, I’ve got some seriously results-backed experience) (20 minutes in)
And last but definitely not least, you’ll also learn in the audio about…

My 7-Figures Via Emails Strategy Breakdown
(This part starts 26 minutes in)

How often I sell something—and how to figure out the best rhythm for yourself
My current product line-up and how often I promote each product to keep it “fresh”
What I did to keep my sales emails interesting even when I sold one coaching program every day for a year
An overview of how I developed my current product suite and gradually transitioned from selling coaching to selling courses (most coaches struggle to make this transition successfully…I’ll tell you why and how I overcame it)
My Price Rotation strategy for maximizing sales (I discovered this by accident and have never seen anyone else talk about it)
My philosophy on using price discounts to sell (which I developed after testing various different discounts, prices, and purchase incentive strategies)
Frankly, as you can probably tell, what I share in this audio alone is worth the price of the course. And up until now, I’ve only shared it with my $100,000+ private coaching clients.

Bonus #3
Three Email Makeover Coaching Clips
In this course, you’ll see me plan and write each sales email from scratch. That is already invaluable for seeing how to actually apply everything I teach you in the course.

What’s more, I also recorded me re-writing three students’ sales emails and coached through what I would change and why.

It’ll give you a different—and equally valuable—take on how to use everything we talk about in this course to get the best effects. (You’re very likely making some of the same mistakes I cover in these Makeovers, and seeing me talk through them for someone else’s emails will show you what to do…and not do.)

Nowadays, I rarely offer private consultations. And even when I do, I charge six-figures or more. This is the next best thing to getting my personal feedback. At not even a fraction of the price.

You get instant and lifetime access to everything in the course:
If you want all this, it’s super simple.

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to the secure order form. Once you complete that form, you’ll get an email with your log-in information and instant access to all of the course content.

That includes:

5 To-the-Point video lessons, with downloadable videos, slides, and transcripts so you can use this course whenever you want, wherever you want

Insider Briefing PDF’s containing my own detailed analysis of every email from my most profitable promotion (as of the creation of this course). These contain my no-holds-barred breakdown of all the sales secrets I used to generate tens of thousands of dollars with just thirteen sales emails.

19 Real-Time Video Recordings of me writing each email from scratch—as I talk you through my thoughts, what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and various other coaching tips along the way

All three Sales Booster Bonuses:

Bonus #1: My $50,000 Email Sequence
Bonus #2: My 7-Figure Email Strategy
Bonus #3: Three Email Makeover Coaching Clips
You’ll have everything in this course plus future updates forever.

What’s more, when I put together this course, I wanted to give you everything you needed to make selling via email fun, enjoyable, fast, and massively profitable for you too.


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You can find more details about the course according to the sales page.


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