Dropship Unlocked By Lewis Smith – Free Download UK Course

Dropship Unlocked By Lewis Smith - Free Download Course


Dropship Unlocked Masterclass By Lewis Smith – Free Download Course UK Dropshipping


How to launch a UK Dropshipping Business Offering Next-Day Delivery… Even If You Don’t Know Which Products To Sell. This free download is available exclusively at Great X Courses.


✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Lewis Smith

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 21.45 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


1. The New Model Of Dropshipping And Why It’s Taking Off In The UK.
We’ll explain how you can design your perfect lifestyle by selecting a market with high demand, in which your customers will be happy to purchase higher priced products.

2. How To Choose Profitable Products. (Even If You’re Worried About The Competition).
We’ll reveal our proprietary criteria to help you choose which products to sell, so you can start with the perfect business and then work backwards to find your winning niche market.

3: Where To Find The Best UK Suppliers That Can Offer Next Day Delivery To Your Customers.
When you know where to look and exactly what to say, you can sign great UK suppliers with products already in high-demand.


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

How to set up your dropshipping business for success in the UK market.

Our step-by-step niche research strategy showing you which products to sell.

Which markets to avoid to save you time & money.

​ Where to find suppliers offering next-day delivery.

​ How to build long-term brand partnerships with suppliers.

​ Mastering pay-per-click ads so you can consistently generate profitable sales.

​Outsourcing: How to achieve complete freedom over your time by hiring & managing a team.

What do we cover inside the training?

1. The New Model Of Dropshipping And Why It’s Taking Off In The UK.
We’ll explain how you can design your perfect lifestyle by selecting a market with high demand, in which your customers will be happy to purchase higher priced products.

2. How To Choose Profitable Products. (Even If You’re Worried About The Competition).
We’ll reveal our proprietary criteria to help you choose which products to sell, so you can start with the perfect business and then work backwards to find your winning niche market.

3: Where To Find The Best UK Suppliers That Can Offer Next Day Delivery To Your Customers.
When you know where to look and exactly what to say, you can sign great UK suppliers with products already in high-demand.





About Dropship Unlocked Masterclass


Week One – Planting The Seed
1.1 Introduction & Program Overview

Welcome to this introduction and a full overview of the Dropship Unlocked Masterclass. This video is extremely important to understand the steps we will be taking to get results. Here’s what we cover:

Getting the most out of this program.
Why UK dropshipping? Does it work and how much will it cost?
Dropship Unlocked from 30,000 feet.
Where the “dabblers” fail and avoiding the pitfalls.

1.2 Our Secret Weapon

This lesson reveals the secret weapon that each of us needs to construct and then activate. This will fuel us throughout our journey and defining this sets the foundations for everything we will then go on to achieve. I’m going to show you what it is and how we can use it to get the results which previously, we thought we could only dream of.Here’s what we cover:

Knowing your why – the secret to succeeding where others fail.
Delayed gratification – reconfiguring the “old” pathway.
Compounding growth – And the point of break-even.
The power of routine – daily steps towards the new life.

1.3 Roots for Success

In this video, I’m going to explain the importance of healthy roots when growing a successful business. We’re going to start taking action and setting up your foundations for success here. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy and pay close attention to this video. Let’s get started and build some roots! Here’s what we cover:

The core roots of a business.
Registering a company.
Opening a business bank account.
Week Two – Product & Niche Selection
2.1 The Niche Advantage

In this video, we’re going to discuss the advantages of targeting a niche market, how to identify them and how you can start to generate viable ideas on which to build your dropshipping business. You’ll learn the criteria we look for when deciding on a niche for our lifestyle business and I’ll show you how to wear the niche research glasses. Here’s what we cover:

What is a niche?
The importance of targeting a market.
Understanding our lifestyle criteria.
Niche examples and avoiding the pitfalls.
Wearing the niche research glasses.
2.2 Landing The Lifestyle Optimised Niche

In this video, I’m going to show you how to begin narrowing down the niche ideas you came up with and how we will use data to our advantage. We’re going to start really looking deep into the core attributes we are looking for in a business that will give us the best balance between profitability and lifestyle. We’ll also be covering some bonus criteria along with which niches you’ll want to avoid. This is a module which you won’t want to miss. Here’s what we cover:

Stacking the odds & ruling out failure as an option.
Discovering the golden seed – the importance of this to our business.
Applying the criteria and growing towards the light.
Bonus criteria: The fertiliser for supercharged growth.
A cautionary tale – UK niche markets to avoid.
2.3 Validating The Market

In this video, we’re going to look at how to validate your niche market after narrowing down your list of ideas. You’ll learn why others get this part wrong and what exactly we need to find to ensure we maximise our future success. Here’s what we cover:

Separating your finalists.
The barren forest – why others get it wrong.
The different types of competition.
Becoming a detective.
Taking the leap – selecting your niche.
2.4 Discovering Your Future Suppliers

In this video, we’re going to discuss the next step we need to take once we’ve decided to enter a market. Every successful dropshipping business relies on having great suppliers. Other people end up searching for these in completely the wrong places. We’ll be cutting out the noise and determining exactly which brands we plan on working with so that we can start making sales. Here’s what we cover:

Finalising niche validation.
Leaving no stone unturned – the competition research phase.
Preparing for niche domination – unlocking your future suppliers.
Week Three – Building your MVS
3.1 Initial Setup Actions

In this video, you’ll learn the essential steps to take to ensure you have the technology in place which will enable your business to succeed. Before we can build a successful store, we must have strong roots to keep us stable as we grow. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Why build a MVS?
Introduction and how to set things up.
Naming your business & registering your website. Step by step guide.
Setting up a business email address.
Setting up a business phone number.
Setting up other required accounts.
3.2 Designing your MVS

In this video, we cover exactly the steps you need to take to build version 1.0 of your store. We cover everything you need to do at this stage to ensure that suppliers want to work with you and future customers want to buy from you once we are ready to begin selling. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Overcoming the curse of the dabbler.
Mapping the structure – Thinking like your customer & optimising for usability.
Getting the £100M branding experience for just £9.
Uploading demo products – Preparing for your first suppliers.
Website design walk-through – simple to follow steps.
Website requirements – Which pages are required on your website and why?
Recommended apps – Core apps you’ll want to use (and which to avoid)…
3.3 Email Marketing for e-commerce

In this module, I’m going to introduce you to an extremely powerful marketing channel that’s important to set up right from the beginning. We’ll be covering how we use email marketing to increase our sales and increase our customer lifetime value. We’ll also be going over exactly how to set this system up to run on autopilot. Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Why use email marketing?
The importance of collecting customer emails.
Compliance & best practice.
The different types of email marketing – Evergreen (flows) vs broadcast (campaigns)
Using emails to collect product reviews.
Which email sequences to create?
3.4 Store Launch Checklist

Before your store goes live it’s important to make sure everything is set up correctly. This checklist will make sure you are ready to go live.

Week Four – Signing Your First Suppliers
4.1 Preparing to Contact Suppliers

In this video, you’ll learn how to determine which are your highest potential suppliers so that you know who to contact and who to avoid. We’re going to show you exactly why you should prioritise certain suppliers as well as share some extremely powerful tactics on finding additional suppliers within your niche. Here’s what we cover:

Why not all suppliers are equal.
Exploring your future suppliers.
Using detective skills to uncover suppliers.
4.2 Unlocking Suppliers & Adapting Your Script

This module is very powerful. By applying the tried and tested steps shared inside this video you will exponentially increase your chances of signing the very best suppliers in your niche market. Using this, you go from a novice without any understanding of how to approach suppliers, to a seasoned professional with a proven system you can use to continually sign new suppliers. Here’s what we cover:

How we contact suppliers.
What to prepare ahead of time.
Gaining suppliers trust.
Introduction to the Supplier Contact Script.
4.3 Signing Suppliers & The Snowball Effect

Inside this module, we’re going to be revealing the exact responses to supplier’s frequently asked questions. These have been crafted over many years to maximise your ability to sign suppliers. You’ll want to familiarise yourself with these responses as this marks the moment your business truly comes to life. Here’s what we cover:

Understanding a supplier’s perspective – How they think and how we can adapt.
Preparing for frequently asked questions – Tailoring your supplier contact script.
Overcoming supplier objections – The 5 secrets to ensuring they sign up.
Where to begin – Once you’re prepared, what’s the first step?
Week Five – PPC Mastery
5.1 The 30,000ft Marketing Strategy

In this video, you’re going to learn about the Pay per click marketing, specifically the Google Ads platform and how to use it to get customers to purchase from your store. You’ll get a complete understanding of Google Shopping ads and you’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes which many others make here. This Google Ads introduction will set the foundations ready for you to begin making consistent sales for years to come. Here’s what we cover:

Introduction to PPC – The 30,000ft marketing strategy.
PPC fundamentals & the Maths.
Busting the jargon: Terms you should know.
Unlocking the “Military Sales Funnel” – The strategy that advertising agencies don’t want you to know.
The types of Google Ads – Why we start with Google Shopping.
The technology powering our military – Allowing our military funnel to dominate.
5.2 Mastering Google Shopping

In this module, I show you exactly how to build your Google Shopping campaigns in an even more effective way than most advertising agencies would. This is where we put the theory into practice and start-up the powerful marketing machine that will run on auto-pilot for us for years to come. Here’s what we cover:

Mastering Google Shopping – how to dominate the competition.
Training the soldiers – how to strengthen your forces over time.
Unleashing the army – what our campaigns will look like inside Google Ads.
Knowing your numbers – the core metrics to maximise your profits.
5.3 The Next Chapter: Google Text Ads

Inside this video, you’ll learn about the next chapter in our marketing strategy to generate you more sales for your business. This video will show you the exact steps to building a powerful search text ads campaign. This module is where we separate ourselves from the rest of the marketplace by harnessing existing data to create ads tailored specifically to your customers. Here’s what we cover:

The secret to mastering search text ads.
The “core four” – four types of search text ad to use.
Reading the treasure map – using data to find the gold.
Applying the rocket fuel to your search text ads.
5.4 Remarketing Unlocked

In this video, we show you how to set up remarketing campaigns so that your ads appear wherever your customers are. This is an incredibly effective marketing technique and we go through exactly how to set everything up. From the types of campaigns to use to creating audiences and even what to write in your ads on both Google Ads and Facebook, this module has it all. Here’s what we cover:

What is remarketing?
The secret to incredible results.
Google Dynamic Remarketing.
Facebook & Instagram Remarketing
The tools that make it work.
Week Six – Unlock Your Freedom
6.1 The Numbers Hold The Key

In this module, you’ll learn how to measure business performance without leaving anything to chance. You’ll also learn how the numbers can track the performance of your business and why they are the key to unlocking your freedom. Here’s what we cover:

The importance of knowing your numbers.
Why your numbers are the key to unlocking your freedom.
Using the UK Profit Calculator & Bookkeeping template.
6.2 Managing Daily Operations

In this module, I will show you how to run your business like a profit-generating machine from day one. You’ll learn how to set things up the right way from the start so that your business can be scaled up in the near future and then outsourced & automated seamlessly. Here’s what we cover:

Customer service emails – Overview of our systems.
Fulfilling orders –The order fulfilment workflow.
Refunding orders – When and how to refund customers.
Editing orders – How to edit existing orders.
Customer calls – How to take customer orders by phone.
Calling abandoned carts – What to say to boost your chance of closing the sale.
6.3 Building The Dream Team

In this module, you’ll learn how to grow your business by hiring your dream team. For your business to thrive whilst you work on your business, not in it, you need to understand when to hire, who to bring on board and where to find top talent. This module covers it all! Here’s what we cover:

When to hire – when is the time right to build your team?
Who to hire – who should you hire first, and for which role?
Where to find them?
How to attract the top talent.
Processes for a smooth operation.


Dropship Unlocked By Lewis Smith - Free Download Course


Dropship Unlocked By Lewis Smith - Free Download Course


🎁 Bonuses Included:


Supplier Contact Scripts
Tools & Resources
Store Launch Checklist
Ad Accelerator Package


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