The Black Course 2023 By Chase Hughes – Free Download Course

The Black Course By Chase Hughes - Free Download Course


The Black Course 2023 By Chase Hughes – Free Download Course


This is an incredible opportunity you don’t wanna miss.


The Black Course is a 4-day intensive program where you’ll learn the most powerful techniques in persuasion, including skills and tactics that less than 1% of the population possess. This is elite-level training that is considered dangerous, but it also has the potential to create radical, positive change. It’s important to remember that a tool is only as good as the user.


✅ About This Course:


✅ Course Author: Chase Hughes

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 14.57 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

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🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:


The content and methods in this course are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. I’ve developed these methods by working with world-leading experts in the fields of psychology, behavior, and neuroscience.




You’ll understand persuasion and influence from a neurological perspective, not someone claiming to have ‘studied’ the brain. This day will lay the groundwork for what’s ahead so that you will understand the brain in a way I guarantee you have never seen or heard of before.

A very brief overview:

Walkthrough of the crossfade method (never released and never will be outside the Black Course)

Full breakdown of the neurology and neuroendocrinology of how persuasion works

How lacking a REAL education in neuroscience is holding you back from just about everything

Breaking down the brain in real time: see a live brain scan of techniques in action and see for yourself how effective vs. ineffective techniques really are

Develop a whole new understanding of neurology with a hands on experience that you will NEVER forget

Finally get acquainted with what you can get the spinal cord to do in a single conversation – and how to leverage this in yourself and others

Step-by-step walkthroughs of neurological activation

The real reason linguistics will never work – YES, I’ll prove it with a brain scan

How to leverage deep-brain stimulation in conversation (nope. It’s not linguistics)

Evening: small groups and mandatory review and practice with Chase and his team

End of day exams and remediation




On day two, you’re going to literally download a new behavior pattern for yourself. We already know the influence and persuasion training community is grossly ignorant of real neuroscience. Sadly, they are also lacking in teaching the ONE thing that matters more than all skill – how we think and behave.

In short, here’s day two:

I will reprogram you using something you will never expect to download all these new behaviors

You’ll get a tool that will run like an artificial intelligence machine in your head to reprogram your personal beliefs and behaviors

You will take an exam that isn’t very comfortable: it will show you every single data point that is holding you back from success (and the machine will fix it for you)

You will sit with my team and develop a detailed outline of your psychology, and how to leverage what is already in your head to drastically change the game

A step-by-step walkthrough of The AvikPro rapid behavior change system – then I’m using that system on you to reprogram your confidence and belief systems

Deep-level, emotional walkthroughs of how to edit memories using a physical machine that I will only share in this one setting, and will never release publicly – this machine is only available in one place in the world, and you can even own one

Evening: a group exercise to test drive your entirely new system, and take the new psychology you have for a walk

Nightly mandatory rehearsal of AvikPro system that you can use on clients or friends

Mandatory review and followup – all notes and data captured from today will be reviewed along with a wrap-up exam for day two

This doesn’t even cover half of what’s in day two (some of it will not be shared)



The Black Course By Chase Hughes - Free Download Course





Day three is all about the practical. It’s great to have a full understanding of neurology and to possess the internal skills required, but this is where we will get into the ‘fun stuff’ that people always think about when it comes to this type of training.

Day three focuses primarily on using Defense Department-level brain enhancement to train you to rapidly read behavior and profile anyone around you. Forget the PowerPoint, this system of learning wasn’t created by me, but it is going to be a little scary how fast you’re able to learn behavior skills.

By the third hour, you’ll be able to profile behavior in a way that took me 13 years to achieve. Facial expressions, fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and concealed psychology will start to jump forward into your mind when you speak to someone.

Here’s a tiny snapshot of day two:

Rapid training protocol for behavior profiling

Live examples and demonstrations – you’ll be able to do these by the end of the day (guaranteed)

The lockpick: how to get deep-level information even out of people that are closed off

Exercises in profiling to test your skills and fix errors – you’ll be using the lockpick method by now

Covert methods using sound, light, and smell to obtain data, and drive behavior

Tie-in: by midday, you’ll be able to read behavior to an extreme degree in under 45 seconds, and you’ll have the tools to immediately process this information

What to do with a behavior profile: how to use the secret info you obtained in the profile to communicate

Evening practice and rehearsal: walkthroughs with real people that aren’t attendees – you’ll be profiling strangers who will be there only this evening for this reason

Evening exams: mandatory exams to ensure everyone is ready for day four




This day brings it all together – this is by far the most confidential day, and no recordings will be made, and all electronics will be shut off. Inside day four, you’ll experience the true nature of how powerful these skills are. The day consists of step-by-step methods of how to leverage psychology in the most powerful ways you have ever seen in your life.

The 8 Formulas

The 8 formulas I will never share in any forum outside the Black Course

Walkthroughs of each formula (I promise you’ll have them memorized before 11AM)

Neurological breakdowns of how to use them with the ‘equipment’ you will learn about

Live demonstrations of all formulas with a volunteer and brain scan

Usage in field (you’ll use these immediately and continue until they are perfected)

Live Polygraph Demo

It’s not what you think (leveraging the formulas for good)

400 years beyond hypnosis

In 13 minutes, I will show you what has been missing from every system in the world

The breakthrough methods that I use for Avery programming

How Avery works and why

Creating Avery Programs in Everyday Life

How you can build artificial intelligence that is self-learning in anyone you meet in under 7 minutes


The second half of day four will never be shared. Working late into the evening, you will learn and experience the real reason this is called AvikPro.


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For more info about this course, check out the sales page.


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